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2nd Street SW Complete Street Engagement (01-Jun to 20-Jun-2018)

Above: Image from 2nd Street Complete Street Facebook share.


The City of Calgary is looking for feedback on possible changes to 2nd Street SW, including upgrades of the existing shared lanes to a painted dedicated bike lane between 26th Avenue to 10th Avenue S.W and the possibility of speed limit reduction to 40km/h.

Project Details:

  • Four to five curb extensions

  • Painted bike lanes along both sides of the road

  • Parking all moved to the west side of 2nd Street S.W.

  • Continue to have two driving lanes

  • New all-way stop at 2 Street S.W. and 26 Avenue

Feedback can be provided online at from June 1 to June 20, 2018.

In-person engagement opportunities are:

  • Sunday 3 June 2018 11:00 AM – 02:00 PM at Elbow River Pathway at 2 Street and 26 Avenue S.W.

  • Wednesday 6 June 2018 11:00 AM – 01:00 PM at 2 Street S.W. near 17 Avenue

  • Saturday 9 June 2018 11:00 AM – 02:00 PM at 1221 2 St S.W. at Central Memorial Park

[UPDATED] Cycle Tracks for 2nd Street SW? As you may be aware, there has been substantial online discussion and some media coverage as to whether painted bicycle lanes are sufficient for the street context, particularly in aiming to accommodate all ages and abilities and the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association has released a blog detailing;

  • Why they feel cycle tracks are warranted based on vehicle speed and volume context.

  • The proved positive impact of cycle tracks on Calgary streets.

  • A revised cross-section tailored to equitable street access for all ages and abilities.

You can see their proposal and call-to-action at

Above: Beltline Neighbourhoods Association proposal for 2nd Street SW from

The discussion around cycle tracks vs bike lanes and the associated potential for all ages and abilities accommodation is definitely an important part of the dialogue on this street and in general, so we encourage Bike Calgary members to be part of that discussion.

Though a relatively minor detail compared to the above, it is worth recalling that 2nd Street SW links to the Elbow River Pathway at 26th Avenue and developing a formal connection, making clear to all street users how cyclists transition between the bike lanes (or cycle tracks) and pathway, is needed.


Above: Elbow Drive (26th Avenue) and 2nd Street SW, looking north from pathway.


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2nd street bike lane

Personally I'd rather see the 5th street bike lane extended to the Elbow drive pathway.  I use 2nd street almost daily and with the school zone find it relatively easy to navigate.  Between 24th Ave and 26th Ave it's currently too narrow with parked cars (Southbound) so I mostly take the lane.  Modifying some of the parking (10Ave-12Ave, 24Ave- 26 Ave), painted bike lanes and a 30 kph speed limit on the entire length of the street could greatly improve the feeling of safety on this stretch.