Riding in rain can be made mundane by proper preparation.
Rain gear and umbrellas can be useful to ward off wetness

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Road Conditions

  • Puddles
    • Puddles on the road - What you can't see can hurt you. Puddles can have potholes or seem deeper than they first look. It is probably a good idea to avoid puddles when safe to do so.
    • Puddle splashback - I can't count the number of the times where I have been standing at a light and a car has driven by through a puddle and I've been drenched. I see this all the time when I'm waiting to walk across an intersection or ridding adjacent to a busy road. Stay well clear of puddle splashback by driver when possible.
    • Discussion - How to ride through puddles
  • Lane Paint
    • Lane paint can become deceptively slippery when rain or snow covered. Don't be catch cornering tightly on Lane paint when wet, your front tire can easily wash out and you may find yourself falling into the asphalt.
    • Tips - approach the wet Lane Paint straight on so that if it is slippery your front tire won't wash out.
  • Corners
    • Same as above, corners can become very slick depending on the surface material. Approach corners more cautiously when wet to avoid a spill

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