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Tens of thousands of Calgarians regularly ride bicycles, whether it's to work, school, to run errands, or simply for fun. Tens of thousands more want to ride, or want to ride more often. This includes year-round bicycle commuters, as well as occasional and recreational cyclists. Many Calgarians, however, don't feel safe on Calgary's roads. 

Bike Calgary works to improve conditions for Calgarians who ride bicycles and to enable those who want to cycle to do so safely, efficiently, and comfortably.

We do this in several ways:

  • Bike Calgary promotes the benefits of transportation cycling to individuals and the community, and provides resources and services for Calgarians who want to ride bicycles. This includes the information pages and the cycling FAQ on this website, and education programs such as the Urban Cycling Skills course and other irregular workshops and info tables. We also provide regular updates on road and pathway conditions, new cycling initiatives, legislative changes, infrastructure and planning projects, and City of Calgary projects on our website, in our newsletter, and via social media.
  • Bike Calgary advocates for better cycling infrastructure (cycle tracks and bike lanes), safely shared roads, and public and government acceptance and support for cycling as a means of transportation. We work with other cycling and active transportation organisations as well as with the City of Calgary to shape policy and implement projects that benefit Calgarians who ride bicycles.
  • As part of our advocacy efforts, we carry out our own research (including bike counts and user surveys) and promote cycling as a means of transportation to the media and general public. We participate regularly as a recognized stakeholder group, e.g., in the Centre City Cycling Network committee, or for specific projects such as redevelopment of parks, construction projects for overpasses and interchanges, area transportation plans, and road and transit corridor planning studies.  Our volunteers try to ensure that cycling (and pedestrian) safety and comfort is taken into account in road and planning projects, in policy documents that guide the City (such as the City of Calgary's Complete Streets Guide).
  • We collaborate in these efforts with other organizatons inside and outside of Calgary: The Bike Calgary Advocacy Committee includes representatives from the Bike Root and Good Life non-profit community bike shops, the Elbow Valley Cycling Club and the Alberta Randonneurs, the Two Wheel View youth cycling charity, and the Sustainable Alberta Association. We stand in close contact with the City of Calgary's Pathways and Bikeways Advisory Council and the Alberta Bicycle Association's Recreation and Transportation Committee. Bike Calgary is a proud member of the Alliance for Biking and Walking, the umbrella organization of North American active transportation organizations, and a isservice member of the Federation of Calgary Communities.
  • Bike Calgary builds community through its website, where you can exchange information about routes, pathway conditions, events, gear, and meet other Calgarians who ride bicycles in the forums. As a registered user, you can even keep your own cycling-related blog. We co-sponsor or promote other efforts and events that further this end such as Bike to Work Day in May and the Cyclepalooza bicycle festival in June. Our community volunteers help people who want to ride bicycles where they live, work, or play.

Apply for a free membership today, either online or print, fill out, and email or fax the attached form.

You can help by volunteering or donating to BikeCalgary.


Bike Calgary is a membership-based nonprofit society incorporated in the province of Alberta, Canada. It grew out of an informal group of bicycle commuters involved with a number of local cycling groups which formed around 2005. The Commuter Cycling Bike Calgary Association was incorporated in 2008. Membership is open to all residents of Alberta.  Bike Calgary is entirely volunteer-run and funded through private and corporate donations. We are not affiliated with the City of Calgary. For more information on our governance, please refer to our bylaws.

The current Board of Directors consists of:

  • Agustin Louro (President)
  • Krista Phillips  (Vice President)
  • Jessica Schulich (Treasurer)
  • Gary Millard (Secretary)
  • Frans Hettinga (Director)
  • Garry Lohuis (Director)
  • Seema Jindal (Director)

The board of directors can be reached via our contact page.

Bike Calgary gratefully acknowledges the contributions of its former directors, including:

  • John Alliston (Founding President)
  • Jennifer Black
  • Darren Bender
  • Sean Carter
  • Brent Clark
  • Alan Fedoruk
  • John Fratzky
  • Michael Gray
  • Jeff Gruttz
  • Cate Hydeman
  • Stewart Midwinter
  • Joe Seitz
  • Stephanie Shewchuk
  • Kelly Smith
  • Richard Zach
  • Sue Abuelsamid
  • Kimberley Nelson
  • Anne Miller
  • Dan Godin
  • Darren Mazzei Terms of Use

  1. When you post on, you are posting in forums that are visible to the public. By registering on this site, you assume responsiblity for your publicly stated comments and opinions.
  2. Complaining about service, road conditions, drivers, City Council, or other cyclists is one thing, but if you make public comments damaging to the reputation of another person, you may find yourself at the receiving end of a lawsuit for libel. When in doubt as to whether to write something, it may be helpful to consider the following advice: Never write something that you wouldn't be willing to say to someone's face. We value civilized discussion, but not name calling, unwarranted generalizations, or sexist or racist comments.  Also be aware that once you have posted on our website, your post enters the public record, just as if you had appeared as an author in a magazine or newspaper. We will not delete your posts just because you have changed your mind about them (in the same way that newspapers don't destroy all copies printed after you change your mind about your letter to the editor). Nor will we delete your account, because deleting your account would also delete the replies of all those who have replied to your posts. Think carefully before posting!
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  4. When you register on the website and/or sign up for membership, you provide certain information such as your full name, address, cycling habits and bicycle make. Your name and address is private, but other infromation is displayed on your member page. You also provide an email address so that we may contact you if needed. Specifically, we are required by law to send you notices of meetings if you apply for membership.  Your email address is not publicly available; however, should you choose, you may receive communications from other members using the contact form associated with your profile.
  5. We will not share your personal information except as required by law.
  6. We support our local bike shops, and information on sales and the like is welcome. Blatant advertising by commercial enterprises not part of the Calgary cycling community isn't.
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