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Alberta Bicycle Facilities Design Guide - Update

Bike Calgary had previously posted about a collaborative effort between Alberta Transportation and various municipalities, including the City of Calgary, on the development of an Alberta Bicycle Facilities Design Guide. The goals of the Guide include, but are not limited to:

  • Adding consistency to bicycle facility design across the Province, including tie-ins between jurisdictions;

  • Alleviating pressure on jurisdictions to justify final designs of bicycle facilities; and

  • Providing useful information for jurisdictions of all types and sizes on building world class bicycle facilities in Alberta that allow cyclists to feel fully accommodated.

Work on the Guide has been steadily progressing since project kick-off in 2017.

Above: Alberta Bicycle Facilities Design Guide progress to date (from Stakeholder Engagement Slides and Notes).

Draft content has now been developed and spans a wide range of topics related to bicycle facility design:

Above: Alberta Bicycle Facilities Design Guide draft topics (from Stakeholder Engagement Slides and Notes).

Bike Calgary has provided input from the end-use perspective with the goal of achieving bicycle facilities that promote a safe and comfortable street environment for cyclists, while providing equity and ease of understanding for all travel modes.

If you are interested in viewing more of the information, the project page can be found here and the Stakeholder Engagement Slides and Notes here.

Please feel free to include your comments in this forum as well so that we can pass them along to the Core Project Team prior to July 13th, 2018.




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Does anyone familiar with other design guides know how the current draft compares? Would be interested to see a semi-side-by-side of the proposal versus something like, ie, the CROW. 

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The team did a literature search of similar documents in various jurisdictions around Canada, in North America and globally. The CROW manual was one such document considered, but I don't know how the material compares. At this point, my understanding is that the material for the Alberta Guide is collected and being sorted through to compile an actual draft document. I also understand it's going to be more detailed than NACTO and (sounds like) go beyond TAC's bicycle guidance. I'd say expect something similar to Ontario's Book 18. Ideally, it will enable some of the more progressive designs, but I think, from a Calgary perspective, they would still have to revise other City street templates to actually implement the designs.

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Stolen bike recovered!

Calgary police recovered my DeVinci Oslo hybrid, which was stolen July 15 in Westhills, in Bridgeland.  Bit worse for wear, but whole.  Pannier and contents gone, but new trip computer and upgraded pedals still there.  Thief had even mounted a small, cheap LED headlight ... Police said they were able to contact me immediately because serial # was on file in report.  Also useful to have photograph of your bike.  Have replaced (useless!) cable lock with high quality U lock.