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Alberta passing Law

After a very bad accident in Edmonton, Annie McKitrick is trying to get a minimum passing distance law through in Alberta.  



I would suggest the law should call for a 2m passing rule as a safe distance.  We could also ask that the law require cars to completely change lans to pass cyclists.  After spending a couple of weeks riding a bicycle in Spain with minimum passing laws and narrow roads I'm convinced that having the same rules in Alberta would help improve cyclist safety.


Any suggestions from Bike Calgary on how we can best support this private members bill?


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Couple of Options

Bike Calgary had written to the Minister of Transportation in 2015 with broad-based suggestions to modify the Traffic Safety Act to make streets safer and more comfortable for cycling. I believe you had seen the letter and commented on the forum, but in case anyone else has not it is at http://www.bikecalgary.org/files/Alberta%20Traffic%20Safety%20Act%20-%20... and the forum at http://www.bikecalgary.org/node/4963. 

In conjunction with the Alberta Bicycle Facilities Design Guide, there will also be suggestions for modifications to the Traffic Safety Act, which could include a minimum safe passing distance.

Specific to this, I'd have to leave it to the Bike Calgary Board to confirm, but I don't think anyone pushing for this change has reached out directly to the organization for formal support. 

I'll make a request that it be added to the agenda for the next Board meeting for discussion.

Thanks for flagging.