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Bike Day In Canada - Bike Summit

Join Bike Calgary at the Calgary Public Library Downtown John Dutton Theatre to attend a live viewing party of the 1st ever National Bike Summit! 

Stick around to chat with attendees, and find out how you can get involved this summer! There will be information for both Bike Calgary membership and Canada Bikes membership at the event. 


Canada Bikes, is a pan-Canadian non-profit organization, that advocates for increased support for everyday cycling in Canada. We are hosting the 1st National Bike Summit on Parliament Hill onThursday, June 1st, 2017 as part of the 6th annual Bike Day on the Hill celebration.


The Bike Summit is a first ever opportunity for stakeholders from across Canada to join in a national conversation on the importance of federal support for cycling in Canada, particularly the development of a National Cycling Strategy and funding for cycling infrastructure. The Bike Summit will kick off with a welcome to delegates and an overview of progress on a National Cycling Strategy and what next steps need to occur. We will then invite eight speakers, representing different cycling stakeholders, to speak to the questions ‘Why is Federal support for a National Cycling Strategy (NCS) for Canada, including funding for cycling infrastructure, important to the people and/or organization you represent? What should the federal government consider when developing the NCS?’ Each speaker will be asked to present for three minutes, using up to three slides to support their presentation. Following this, all delegates will be invited to discuss the key elements that emerged from the presentations and contribute to a summary document. 





Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 12:30 to 16:00


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Vancouver Island MP pedals across riding in push for national cy

... A national strategy in Canada could help the federal government play more of a role in funding and developing safe infrastructure, said Kay Teschke with the Cycling in Cities research program at UBC.

"The federal government can put out model standards," she said. "They could provide matching funding in the same way we get matching funding for transit." ...



More federal funding could also help speed up cycling projects that local governments are already trying to tackle, said Richard Campbell, executive director of the British Columbia Cycling Coalition and board member for Canada Bikes.

"In B.C. we have added up what communities and regions have estimated they will need for their cycling networks and it comes to $2 billion," he said.  ...


I wonder what the amount would be in Alberta? BC's had a provincial matching grant program for municipalities and regional districts for at least 20-25 years-currently at ~$7 million per year.  They have demand from the communities and some great rails to trails initiatives.  Alberta seems nascent.


Even if the government just changed the standards, so that cycling infrastructure was the default on road/highway projects.  In some places separated paths make sense, in others paved shoulders, maybe wider - consideration at high cycling volume grandfathered bridges without shoulders.  More funding for the TransCanada Trail.

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More funding for the TransCanada Trail.

I'm still genuinely pissed off that the TransCanada Trail was not completed to a world class standard on time for 2017, after being delayed in order to be the delivery of the 150th. It's the biggest shame I have for Canada and this includes when people have asked me about various controversial subjects. Genuine shame. 

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TransCanada Trail in Bragg Creek?

Are you talking about the section between Bragg Creek and the West Bragg Creek trailhead?


Haven't heard anything more about the section between Calgary and Cochrane since Glenbow Ranch did one round of fundraising.  There appear to be only a corridor between Airdrie and Calgary and no funding/timeline when looking at the Airdrie bike plan and Calgary pathway projects/maps.  Airdrie extends south to the west side of Hwy 2 at ~ Sharp Hill Rd.  From Calgary north pretty much ends at 96 Ave NE with a few islands.


Nose Creek corridor pg 35



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The Whole Thing

The whole trail, coast to coast.

I know they're calling it "90% complete" right now but a very large part of it stepped outside the scope and dream of the actual TransCanada Trail in order to just cut corners and say it's done. Not the fault of the people working on it, lots of red tape involved probably. Though most of it still stuck as "proposed" is in Alberta... Who should've finished first to the highest standard!

 I very strongly agree with the final paragraph in that article where "nothing should be designated as Trans Canada Trail unless it's non-motorized." It was the point. Much of the 'completed' percentage is not actually complete. So not only are separate paths still missing (ie cochrane), much of what is considered done isn't, well past 1992. 
To me it's outrageous for someone to argue it at all, "we don't need bike trails, bikes are a waste of time, a wide shoulder is fine for a trail, don't designate this land for this purpose," etc. At this rate would it even be 'done' for 2020? Likely not, so for me it's genuine shame. 

edit; complaints all well and through, I do want to extend credit where it's due... I am very happy about rotary/mattamy's contributions locally and most of the progression there.