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Winter Cycling Workshop hosted by Two Wheel View


Winter Cycling Workshop



November 14, 2017  - 6pm to 8pm

#101, 1725 - 10th Ave SW, Calgary

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Become empowered to ride your bike in the winter - whether that is just during a snow free chinook or through a blizzard. 


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Calgary Municipal Elections

Elections Matter.

As I'm sure you know, Calgary is in the midst of a municipal election campaign. Voting Day is October 16, 2017.

For bicycling, as for many other issues, future investment will depend on who gets elected to City Council. The next council will make many important decisions that will impact your and your family's ability to get around by bike safely and comfortably, like:

  • Funding for continued investments in safe and connected bicycling infrastructure, like the cycle track network in Downtown and Beltline
  • Maintenance and improvements of the pathway network
  • The next revision of the Bikeways and Pathways Plan, which was last updated 17 years ago
  • The ongoing and improved implementation of the Complete Streets Guide
  • Continued public engagement, outreach, and education
  • And many, many more

Get Educated.

If you haven't already, visit the Elections Calgary web site and learn about your candidates. See what they have to say about the issues that are important to you. Figure out whether they'll make the investments and decisions you believe in.

Our friends Calgarians for Cycle Tracks have a survey published for Wards 4, 7, 8, 9, and 11.

There's also been some discussion in the media on the subject, including coverage from The Sprawl and Shifter. These pieces are an excellent place to start if you want to know your candidates' position on biking.

Because now is the time to find out: candidates are out looking for votes and they're eager to get yours. So get in touch by phone, email, or social media, and ask them what they stand for.

Get Involved.

If you do nothing else this election, get out and vote. This is how you make your voice heard.

Tell your friends and family to vote, and make their voices heard too.

And if you want to make an even bigger difference, consider helping a candidate. Get in touch with their campaign and see what kind of help they need. They'll be very grateful for your support, and there are things you can do right up to the day of the vote.

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Press Release - Education Campaign Key to Reducing Bike Thefts Says Bike Calgary

Bike Calgary and the City of Calgary have created an education campaign to reduce bike theft by improving bike lock-up behaviors.  While leading a bike theft task force, Darren Mazzei, the Vice-President of Bike Calgary, had the idea to create a graphic sticker depicting bike locking techniques and decal city-owned bike racks. Mazzei approached the City of Calgary to bring the idea to reality and three months later 1000 stickers have been printed and are ready to be installed.

The simple graphic depicts three possible ways to lock your bicycle and a website link to get additional information. Local artist, Tyler Lemermeyer, produced the illustrations, Bike Calgary volunteers designed the sticker and City of Calgary Roads Maintenance provided permission to put the stickers on the bike racks. “The project came to together very smoothly. The City said yes to put the stickers on the racks and I think Tyler made some beautiful illustrations,” stated Mazzei.

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Breaking News - Cyclists ride in the winter! And, there are more cyclists every year!

Graph of Daily Cyclist Count vs. Average Daily Temperature

We know it’s just getting around to summer, but we’ve recently looked at some cycling data from the last few years, and we’ve found that more cyclists ride in the winter than we thought. Here’s are some conclusions from our review of the data. Let us know your thoughts on this information.


  • Less cyclists ride in the winter (as you might expect) but the number never goes to zero, even on our coldest days.
  • Daily rider counts from 2016 were generally higher than from previous years.
  • The trend line for each year’s data shows an increase from 2014 through to 2016.