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Brief summary for Bike Calgary membership re 2017 Winter Cycling Congress

This past week in Montréal, Vélo Québec hosted the 5th International Winter Cycling Congress (, February 8-10, 2017.

At this international event, you may be interested to know that Calgary was very well represented, both in terms of quality presentations and formal recognition at the Congress.

a.     Foremost, City of Calgary has won the 2017 Winter Cycling Federation Organization Award, based on the development, study and implementation, of Downtown Cycle Track Project. The award was accepted by Kimberly Fischer, Active Transportation Education Planner, on behalf of the City of Calgary. Kudos to City Council and Staff!

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Ebikes Clarified by The City of Calgary

The City of Calgary would like to share some information with the cycling community about the use of electric bikes (e-bikes) on pathways and trails in Calgary. They have put together an information sheet to share what type of e-bikes are allowed on pathways and what types are not as per The City of Calgary Parks and Pathways bylaws. Please note that pedelecs are allowed on pathways and trails (except where bicycles are prohibited) and power on demand e-bikes are not.

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Sad News from Medicine Hat - still a lesson for Calgary cyclists

The full story is in the link, but here is the meat of it:

"Unfortunately, Clarke said, there were safety measures that could have been taken by the cyclist that weren’t.

“There’s no indication that the cyclist had any reflective gear on or lighting equipment, and there’s obviously no streetlights at the location so it was very dark,” said White.

Fatal collisions between motorists and cyclists “very, very rare” in the Medicine Hat area, said White. “We get the odd injury collision regarding cyclists, but the injuries are fairly minor at lower speeds.”

Wearing proper gear and lights are key to cyclists’ staying safe, he said.

“If you can’t be seen, you’re a serious risk to yourself and others out on the road.” As well, cyclists are reminded to follow the flow of traffic and stay on bike paths or off to the right of the road where possible."

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Bicycle Snowplow!:Why and How to Plow Pathways

The Calgary #bicyclesnowplow (twitter) book has just been published!

You can find it at:

Over the last 3 years, I developed bicycle snow plow designs and combined with current technologies to create a do it yourself solution to winter abandoned pathways.

This is the story of how I got started, what was learned, and where bicycle snowplowing technology is going. Its a book for the Snow Angel in all of us!