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Fall Bike Route Showcase Summary

Our route winner for the Fall Ride was Bike Calgary member Ricardo Cosentino, who rides from Mayland Heights to downtown for work as well as doing the ride as a family with their toddler Gustavo (adorable but ferocious with a dinosaur!). 

Our group for the ride consisted of Camilo Restrepo and Kimberley Nelson of Bike Calgary, Kim Fisher and Jason Bell from the City of Calgary and Ricardo. We met at Eau Claire and discussed the route briefly before heading out on a warm sunny day. Kim & Ricardo

Ricardo bases most of his ride along the existing infrastructure, and utilizes the City of Calgary Pathways system as much as possible, even though it takes him longer. 

Skipping Stone Bridge

After leaving downtown on the Skipping Stone Bridge, Ricardo heads east on the pathway along the Zoo. This is a quiet ride that works well in every season. especially in winter when the roads would be quite slick. 

Zoo Path

We did have a quick stop to discuss concerns about the crossing at St. George's Gate / Memorial Drive access, as the visibility is poor and the speed differential is quite high. See more about this location here and follow up information later on in this story. 

The pathway along the Deerfoot is eerily quiet even at rush hour. We continued along until we reached our next tricky obstacle, the 8th Ave NE Bridge. This area has been revised a few times with cycling infrastructure, but is still noted frequently for being uncomfortable for all but the fearless riders. There are bike lanes on one side, and sharrows on the other with a narrow sidewalk separated by concrete barriers, which makes the entire feel of the area seem tighter than it actually is. 

8th Ave

We made it across just fine, and turned into Mayland Heights to see where Ricardo hangs his bike for the evening. 

Mayland Hts

After checking out his amazing yard and bee hives, meeting the family and talking about the challenges that are faced when they have their son Gustavo in the Chariot, we headed on our way. 


Team Post Ride


Stay tuned for an update on the fixes that are planned as a result of this ride.


If you would like to showcase your ride, apply here for the Winter Ride, happening Monday, December 21st.




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New winter sport:bicycle snow plowing

Bicycle snow plowing

Over half of the pathways in Calgary are abandoned each winter. Instead of winter training benefitting one person, bicycle snow plowing benefits the whole community. This is the basic idea behind snow plowing as a winter sport. Good training. Fun activity to get outside for a few hours in the winter.

I haul 2ft and 5 ft plows with a 3 speed bike. The larger plow is for light snow and clears half a pathway in one go. The smaller plow is for crashing through drifts and heavy, deep, or wet snow. Plus I built a push plow for sidewalks that plows snow much more easily than snow shovels.

Plows are easy to make and are a fun winter project. For traction, studded tires and snow chains provide great traction, enough to pull a 3 ft plow through 6" of snow! This winter I may considering an electric kit to cover more miles. If anyone has experience with these kits would like to hear from you :)

If your local pathway is not plowed, how about trying this new winter sport? Be a Snow Angel and enjoy winter. Winter passes quickly when you're having fun.

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Bike Route Showcase

The City of Calgary’s Cycling Strategy is helping to make cycling a comfortable and convenient travel option for more Calgarians.  At the beginning of each of the four seasons, Bike Calgary will select one member to showcase their commute on a casual ride hosted by the City’s Bicycle Engineer.  This is your opportunity to highlight your favourite experiences, as well as provide insight into what could be improved.


Apply to showcase your commute here. The first fall ride will take place Sept 24th. Thank you to the City of Calgary Bicycle Program for giving our members this opportunity!


The Fall Ride will be selected September 18th.


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Changes Coming to the Cycle Tracks

You may notice some changes in the next week to the cycle tracks downtown. There are some fixes being put in place, more signage, and a few revamps.


    • 5th St SW will be completed with a mixed space area between 15th and 17th, including a bike box for SB bikes to cross at the light at 17th. You may have noticed the sidewalk work at the east corner of 17th and 5th. You can take the lane with traffic to continue heading south, or you may use the mixed space area, then cross at the light into a widened cross bike with a bike box at the front of the right lane. 
    • 8th Ave SW will be narrowed west of 8th St. SW, with both a reduction in lane width and the buffer space which contains the seperation pylons. This will accommodate a row of parking to be returned to the street while still allowing a separated lane in each direction. 
    • The display signs should be placed soon, and these will be set along each cycle track with a daily count as well as a full count from day one. The ones on 12th and 8th will be the smaller sized ones, about the same as a RRFB. There will be a large totem placed in the underpass on 5th street on the south edge. 
    • Some areas have been targeted for more green conflict paint, so watch for detours and closures in the coming week to allow painting
Please continue to provide feedback to the City of Calgary via 311 - you may elect to use General Comment if you do not require a reply. You can even drop them a note to tell them how much you love them. 
The counts for all points are now up live here or you can check out Bike Calgary member Chealion's site with cool graphs, correlations to weather, trends and averages here.