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Breaking News - Cyclists ride in the winter! And, there are more cyclists every year!

Graph of Daily Cyclist Count vs. Average Daily Temperature

We know it’s just getting around to summer, but we’ve recently looked at some cycling data from the last few years, and we’ve found that more cyclists ride in the winter than we thought. Here’s are some conclusions from our review of the data. Let us know your thoughts on this information.


  • Less cyclists ride in the winter (as you might expect) but the number never goes to zero, even on our coldest days.
  • Daily rider counts from 2016 were generally higher than from previous years.
  • The trend line for each year’s data shows an increase from 2014 through to 2016.


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Tell your friends about Calgary Park & Ride lots

Snapshot of City map of Park & Ride lots

Do you know someone thinking of trying cycle commuting, but thinks they live too far away? Here is some information on the great Park & Ride lots the City of Calgary has set up to help make cycle commuting easier. Share it with your friends, family, and colleagues!

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Northmount Drive Improvements

The City of Calgary is planning to re-pave Northmount Drive, and they are considering what sort of pedestrian and cycling improvements should be included.

We are asking all Bike Calgary members interested in this topic (whether you are a resident or a periodic user of the area) to let the Triwood Community Association and the ward Councillor know that you'd like cycling lanes included in the re-paving work.

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Wanted: Event Planners and Coordinators

Event season is coming, and we've got lots in the hopper! Community fairs, bike festivals, and more (including one exciting new main event - stay tuned!).

If you like meeting new people and talking about bikes, or spreading the word about Bike Calgary and our awesome events, or if you're a behind-the-scenes organizer - or if you prefer a delightful combination of all of that - we want your help.

We also need vounteers to help generate and edit content for this web page. People with experience or an interest in marketing or communications would be great!

Get in touch with us at and let's get the party started!