How much does the City spend on cycling relative to other modes of transport?

According to the 2006 census, of 498,030 Calgarians with a regular place of work, 372,985 commuted by car (75%; as driver, passenger, or by taxi); 85,695 by transit (17%); 28,900 walked (6%), and 6,975 cycled (1.5%). 

The proposed operational budget for the Roads Department is $132m, for Transit $171m per year.  The unfunded cost of the Cycling Strategy is about $1m ($1.125m to be exact). This amounts to roughly:

  • $2,000 per transit commuter
  • $354 per car commuter
  • $161 per bicycle commuter

If the cycling mode share increases to 4% as projected in the Cycling Strategy, the $1m per year would amount to

  • $56 per bicycle commuter.

No figures are available about how much of the city's Transportation Department operating budget is spent on pedestrians and cyclists now, but with only 16km of marked bicycle routes, the share of Roads operating costs is certainly tiny.  These aren't meant to be definite numbers, but only for illustration and only to give a sense of the proportions: even if fully funded, the costs of the Cycling Strategy per cyclist would only amount to a fraction of the cost spent on car and transit commuters.