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How was your ride today? Week of 6 November, 2017

It was -17*C at my house this morning, so time to layer up! Oddly the place on me that was cold this morning was the backs of my thighs.  Everything else was OK.

I'm not looking foward to the ride home in the dark tonight now that the time has changed.

The Nose Creek MUP had been bladed off over the weekend, but wasn't particularly clear.  I didn't have any problems on 32C tires, but connecting pathways were still unplowed and tricky to navigate.  Berms from where the pathways/sidewalks meet the roads are a mess as ever.


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Hextall still closed. 

Hextall still closed. 

Montgomery Blvd still unplowed, churned into brown sugar slush by the exuberant use of chemicals on 16 and Home Road. Rideable but annoying. 
Pathway clear. Mildly irrelevant with hextall closed. 

Canvas sneakers confirmed not good enough for todays weather.  :) 

Overall a nice ride. If they plow montgomery blvd and I learn how to wear clothes we'll be good to go. 

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I don't think they will plow it as it's a residential street, even though it has sharrows and is part of a bike corridor, that is plowed further up. You could try 3-1-1 though and others could as well if they have the same issues.

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It's marked on the Snow and Ice Control map to be cleared with priority 2 routes so I would expect it to be. Map even says it was technically "done" over the weekend though I don't know if they consider just driving over it as part of plowing or what because it was definitely not done monday. 

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I didn't look at the map. Maybe they just needed an early season reminder?!

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Ironically all the chemical

Ironically all the chemical salt drag through from the proximity of the main road made it almost passable today! Haha! It had melted almost to pavement. Super messy of course, but better than Monday. 

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Artificial Blizzard

On Nose Creek MUP this morning, they had a skid steer out with the brush on the front cleaning off the pathway.  So it will polish up the ice nicely, and not remove the well packed snow that will soon turn to ice, but cleared up a lot for travelling quicker.  Not sure how far it will get - when I came in this morning, it was north bound at 36th Ave NE and looks to have come from at least 8th ave N where I turned off the path due to the persistant zoo detour.

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Bumpy.  Also a bit snaky on

Bumpy.  Also a bit snaky on the SNIRT.  Collector and up roads are even drying out in spots a bit.

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Snakety on MUPS, too

The ruts are starting to form .....

And it's only gonna' get worse, so be careful.....

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Winter Mitt Depression

I know this topic has been raised a few times over the years, but I'm posting this in the hopes of getting more recent info!

I've basically used the same pair of MEC Lobster Mitts for the last 10 years.  These have been great for my needs, 25-40 minute commutes (depending on conditions) and was okay down to -25-30C, and I'd supplement with some cheap disposable gloves below that.  But they've naturally started losing their warmth over the last 4 years. 

I bought a new pair to replace them, but they were built for Vancouver winters.  But I think these are now finally warmer than my old ones Laughing!  I've looked around at MEC, Canadian Tire and Amazon for a decent and affordable Lobster Mitt, but none of them seem warm or nimble enough from the reviews I've read.  Does anyone have any local recommndations that I could check out? 

Disclaimer: I don't think I want to go the Pogie route this year, as it doesn't seem like it's as quick to get your hands off the handlebar, and I'm having to be more cautious this winter coming back from an injury.  My Cross bike has a second set of brake handles on the top of the handlebar, which I like to use on the road and busier areas since I can be more upright and look around more easily, and I haven't had a chance to check out for myself if there would be room for that.  Can anyone who's had pogies on a road bike chime in with their experience?

Thanks for your help!

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Roadie Pogie

If you do want to try the pogie route, what I would suggest is going in to one of the local bike shops with your bike that carry both the 45nrth cobra fists and the bar mitt varieties and ask if they would let you try them (for fitting purposes). I find the bar mitts extremely easy to get in and out of, that they don't hamper my ability to use the bars at all, but to do the same on a road bike I think you would have to get a size large rather than a size medium. And I don't think any configuration of pogie would fit your top bar brakes. The best solution for pogies would probably be to have a winter hybrid I guess? Though I do think the bar mitts wouldn't affect your control so you could swap in and out.

Have you looked into a heated glove instead?  Power in Motion has these. They are pricey. The alternative would be a glove with a heat pack pocket then using one of those rechargeable usb or chemical hand warmers maybe.

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Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info!  I think my first move will be to check out if BikeBike sells any Lobster Claws, and look into the Pearl Izumi one too.

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Want to borrow a set to try?

I have a set of drop bar Bar mitts in the cupboard in my garage.  I used to use them on my single cross, and sometimes put them on my fair weather commuter in shoulder season. Right now they're doing nothing.


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Thanks Mike

Thanks Mike for the kind offer - I might have to take you up on your offer if the Lobster gloves I see locally don't cut it!