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How was your ride today? The week of July 24, 2017.....

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No Smoke, but

it was a little bit chilly this morning.

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Nice forecast for the next two weeks!


                                                Day [°C]                            Night [°C]            POP


Tuesday, July 25               23 Feels like 23                  10                           10%


Wednesday, July 26        28 Feels like 28                  12                           0%


Thursday, July 27              31 Feels like 31                  14                           10%


Friday, July 28                    25 Feels like 27                  13                           40%


Saturday, July 29              26 Feels like 28                  13                           20%


Sunday, July 30                27 Feels like 27                  13                           10%


Monday, July 31               26 Feels like 26                  13                           10%


Tuesday, August 1           29 Feels like 31                  13                           20%


Wednesday, August 2    30 Feels like 30                  14                           10%


Thursday, August 3         28 Feels like 28                  13                           10%


Friday, August 4              28 Feels like 28                  13                           10%


Saturday, August 5          26 Feels like 26                  12                           10%


Sunday, August 6             25 Feels like 25                  11                           10%


Monday, August 7           25 Feels like 25                  11                           10%




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nice, but....

I would like to see a few more chances of rain in that forecast.  It is just too dry out and we are getting the usual "brown grass" for the lawns not to mention all the bans on fires.

But I enjoyed the cool morning today - not much of a clean up was required when I got into the office!  Am back to using the lights in the morning athough the clear skies helped brighten things up a bit @ 5:15.

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Music Festival

Yesterday they were putting up bike parking spaces along Eau Claire... And I didn't think anything of it until I came out of work that evening to blaring music. Trying to travel through that area with all the fences and regular work-day rush hour was a new experience for sure! I didn't think that one through at all. 

It was fine of course, going 10kmh or slower is kind of fun sometimes when there's so much to sightsee and people watch. Shows how much I pay attention to social events though. Didn't get the cue from the bike parking. Which music festival is this one? 

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nice to be out again

Nice to be spinning the legs again as my broken femur recovery continues.... now at 15 weeks since.  Seems I can ride better than I can walk at this point.  Can't push hard or stand yet on the pedals so have had to make a few adjustments to the bike but I certainly appreciate our infrastructure more now, and the ability to park for free in various locations.  Not to mention no longer taking good health and mobility for granted.

Coming through Eau Claire yesterday with that festival stuff was a bit nerve wracking as I need to be extra careful still.  Certainly between that and the new construction and limited thoroughfare by the Peace Bridge it's a bit sketchy at times.  They actually need to expand the MUP width near the Bridge as it will be sketchy during busy times and onces there's snow, ice, and runoff.  But that's thinking too far ahead now isn't it?

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Me too and yikes!

Hey Rich,

Sorry to hear about your femur - how did you hurt your leg?  Was it a crash of some kind?  I can relate in a little way, I ruptured my Achilles tendon (not cycling) when I misjudged a ramp at an obstacle park I took my sons to at the end of April (about 12 weeks ago).

Glad to hear you're back on the bike!  Nothing better than that entrancing feeling of motion with the sun on your skin and the wind in your face!  I started physio 3 weeks ago, and the exercise bike 2 weeks ago and took my first 2 rides post-rupture this weekend!  I lost a lot of muscle mass (lost 7 lbs from 145 and gained a few around my gut lol!), and have been very sedentary but I was surprised at how good I felt out there!  I went for about half an hour or so and tried some gentle hills and a couple of very short steep ramps, and my tendon felt great!  The only pain I would feel was in my ankle bones, like they were pressing against each other when trying to put more power down. 

The worst part of it all was actually just re-learning to mount and remount without tipping over, which is terrifying as I still have a ways to go (12 months before it is fully healed and as strong or stronger as it was before).  The first day I almost tipped over when we pulled up to an intersection (I was distracted), but thankfully I fell toward my wife and was able to grab her arm!  I took off my crank bros pedal and installed a flat one for the second ride and then just practiced getting on and off to get used to my present state.  Maybe before my next ride I might as well take off the other pedal and just have 2 flats. 

All the best in your recovery!!


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Injury stories...

been a few weeks since I last checked for another update

17 weeks now... physio continues and it's a long steady road back.  Still have to use a cane for longer walks but can hobble around without for shorter distances.  Have to do a LOT of work to regain muscle mass, actually getting various muscles to re-engage has been a challenge.  The key to an effective recovery is doing all the excercises, figure out your limits and push close to them BUT always allow for recovery because it's the recovery that moves you ahead.  The immediate aftermath of the accident saw me lose 15lbs which was almost 10% body weight.  I'm backup now thanks to exercise and eating.  Although skinny already I did have a few belly rolls - so when I got sunburned a few weeks ago at the beach, when I stood up and the rolls smoothed out I was left with red zebra-like stripes.  Funny stuff.  The kids, wife, and friends laughed.... as did I.

On the bike the first few weeks I also used flat pedals and had the seatpost down.  Very quickly I installed my dropper seatpost so I could more easily mount and dismount.  Once rolling I can return the seat to proper height.  Yes being aware of surroundings, balance, proprioception has been a challenge.  Again, slow recovery and slow ramp up is key.  At this point after about a month of riding to/from work from Edworthy area has yielded nice results in terms of spin, range of motion, leg stregnth,balance, etc... although it is still hard to stand up and pedal (but finally possible this past week!). 

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Femur.... update

Last global update was mid August'ish... or some 3.5 months ago. wow.  So within then next few days I'll hit 8 months since the bad femur break.  I'm still actively working on recovery by visiting Physio, massage, osteopathy, and chiro plus all my at-home exercises and just generally trying to increase activity.  It's only in the past week that I can now stand ONLY on my "bad" leg whilst putting on shorts/pants - and even then it's a challenge to maintain balance and trust.  Fortunately I'm pretty much moving around normally now except absolutely no running/jogging.  Physio keeps coming up with new, painful, yet amazingly effective exercises to improve everything from proprioception, to related core strength, right down to rebuilding the smaller support muscles plus ensuring balance across both legs, the hips, core, and to slowly erase bad coping habits.  Hopping on a bike is no longer a nerve-wracking adventure (except when ice/snow is involved) and it actually feels good enough now to ride pretty hard plus stand on the pedals.  Yesterday I noticed my legs are almost the same size again too.  Recent xrays showed increased bone re-growth (filling the spiral fracture gap) and bone thickness/density however a full bone healing can take ~12-18 months. 

Next steps involve trying out XC skiing, and hopefully some gentle DH in the new year.  Also need to get my leg length checked to see if they're still the same length - this can of course affect bike fit too.


Hows everyone elses injuries doing??


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I'm a work in progress

Stick with your exercises. I've always strarted strong in rehab, then tailed off as I started to feel better, which leads to long term weakness.

I'm currently back to seeing people to help cure what ails me, nothing so bad as what you went through. Hope you have a great winter of skiing ahead!

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work in progress indeed

Unfortunately I think you've called me out.... and you're right... as I've started feeling better it's tougher to set aside that 2-3x daily for doing ones specific exercises.  Thanks for the reminder!  Gotta get on it!  It's amazing what a difference those exercises make.

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McKnight pathway

Just an FYI that the underpass at McKnight on Nose Creek MUP is open again.  They are done construction, just a little bit of cleanup left.