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interesting article re. Denver transit system

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I'm not too familiar with

I'm not too familiar with Denver, but at first glance the transit system that this article describes sound like the equivalent of Calgary Transit having integrated bus/rail transit service as far out as Okotoks, Airdrie and Cochrane.  Also some good comments re. densification efforts and living a walkable lifestyle ("3 mile circle").

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Drivers resistance is cultural and hard ingrained.

Car drivers will only switch to transit if there is a significant incentive (time or monetary). Just look to Edmonton:

The south LRT line filled up (and stations had to be rebuilt from 3 car to fit 5 car trains) and now carries 30,000 passengers / day. That's because of a few traffic bottlenecks making the car ride take 10x as much at ruch hour.

By contrast, the north LRT lineis comparably less used becuase the traffic jams are not as bad in the north,


Where I worked in Germany 2007-7 and 13-14 30,000+ cars/day drove for 50km right next to a perfectly good commuter rail line. Residents near the road were annoyed at all the traffic. The proposed solution? Not to malke drivers take the exisiting train, but to build a new larger road bypassing the residential areas and feeding into a nearby expressway,


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Saw that article back when it

Saw that article back when it was posted...  Didn't read it then to save myself the brain cells.

To save everyone else the brain cells: some moron given money by automotive and oil backgrounds and who thinks that you're gunna catch lung cancer and die because the cars that have been traffic controlled are going to spew more terrible fumes into your face. Seems to fail to grasp that when bicycle infrastructure is implemented in this way, seemingly not useful to bicycles, that it's specifically a traffic calming measure and used as it is very cheap. That the fumes come from the cars he is praising.   Actually thinks the underimplemented bicycle safety infrastructure is expensive and would probably vote to remove sidewalks under a blind pass that sneakily doesn't use the word sidewalk to describe the infrastructure. Unable to grasp that cars are very convenient but at a cost to society, like buses and transit, while bikes and walking -- yes, even with their infrastructures -- ultimately do not cost society. Actually provides returns. 

tldr facepalm