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How Was Your Ride Today? Week of November 27, 2017

Oops.  No thread this week. Felt weird writing November there. It's December! 

Hextall is finally open. They put up a bunch of their barriers along the river to act as guard rails as this is what was preventing them from opening it all month.

Bit peeved that after all that, the extra closures, the two sets of tipped and ruined fences, that they still didn't "finish" and it's essentially in the same state as it was over a month and a half ago. They could've done this back then! Oh well. At least they did finally get around to it and didn't just scribble a new date on their sign like they did the first time. 

Still about 5 degrees above seasonal. I'll accept it. 

Did you ride this week? 


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chirp chirp...

Haven't had the "joy" of riding into downtown for a bit (another "victim" of the economy) but every time I drive down Memorial I look fondly over at the path.  Sigh...   On a different note this week I rode in NW and have to say I was surprised at some of the "hidden" ice on some areas of the paths.  And it's that super slick and hard stuff too where even with studs it's easy to slide about.

Also went for a spin up on Nosehill expecting all the south facing slopes to be clear and good enough shape to do a bunch of downhill bombs and lung-buster climbs.  Alas the trails there are also rather sketchy.  So the ride essentially became an easy spin around the top checking out the various views of the city.  Still nice to get out.

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9 bikes in the cage yesterday

That's a lot for the last day of november. Busiest winter day I can recall in my building.

And I know it's not technically winter yet, but we hit minus 20 already and have snow everywhere so good enough for me.

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Much the same

Similar story at my building. Average of 6 bikes per day, and up to double digits when there are double digit daytime temps.

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Edworthy Hill South side

Due to recent office move I am now stuck commuting up and down Edworthy Hill (exasperated by Crowchild Trail underpass closure). This week the glacier seems to have grown in size signifcantly. Do long time commuters on this route know if this glacier is always there and does the city respond to 311 requests on this particular piece of road? My commute is completley dry (from Silver Springs to Mt. Royal area) except for this one piece which makes it nearly unridable. Anyone have any advice (different route, who to contact etc.?). I have already complained on 311.

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It's easy this year

I've been riding through that mess for 25 years. 

The run off was handled much better years ago when the road was gravel with ditches. Paving really messed it up.

This year, thanks to that dry summer we had, the perched water table is low and the run off light.

Last year it was a foot thick acroos the road by now.

Maintenance is spotty at best. sometime they spread a little pickle, occasionally they bring in a grader and pile it onto the landing.