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Around the zoo

For those of you commuting around the zoo into the NE there is still lots of construction going on impacting the pathway. The zoo path is normally closed this time of year (with the option to bypass the gate and fall through the ice if you are unlucky like that one guy did) but there is a construction gate and the path is properly closed off. Bypassing up to Memorial is OK Eastbound but is dodgy coming Westbound as it is one way and you have to eek past the stopped cars. There is a detour posted but it is ridiculous, looking at Google Maps it looks like the pathway goes from 12st all the way to the C-Train overpass right next to Memorial on the North side - wondering why the city detour is all the way up to McDougall park and back??!!?! Is this a private path and they don't clear it - anyone know, use this route?



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I replied and my reply disappeared.  Hmmm...

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Zoo detour

I used to be able to ride across memorial on 12th St and then onto St Georges drive.  Follow that around to the pathway south of Telus Spark and back east to Nose Creek.  The climb is a bit of a pain but hey, it's one more interval for you.  Coming the other direction I remember using a mixture of St. Georges Drive and the sidewalk on 12th Street to access the memorial dirve pathway.  With all the construction I'm not sure if the pathway still parallels the overpass route or not?


**Edit -  I see in the City's detour now that they've closed the pathway beside the ramp to 12th St overpass.  I agree that this detour is for the birds. The City really seems to give very little hoots about reasoned bicycle detours on such a major route.

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After spending five minutes

After spending five minutes studying that google link and the cities detour I can't make heads or tails of this area. What a mess. There's even a sidewalk that barely fits one person that abruptly ends after about a hundred paces.  Frankly they should just pave a straight path on the North side of Memorial so when you cross you go straight until you meet the intersection leading onto St Georges. This would take care of that sidewalk too, by doubling its size into a usable path. There appears to be some awkward stairs tucked in from 12th street.  Simplify all this, Calgary. There's room for a pathway. 

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The City just plain forgot about one user group

I'm immensely frustrated that the City's closure of the pathway (which was ridiculous being until Nov 2017) is now until July 2018.  What can you do.  Going eastbound you have to jump into traffic from the Memorial MUP to get up over the bridge on St. George's drive until you can Region the path at Spark or 8th Ave.

Westbound, I've resigned myself to coming down the hill and making the awkward corner onto 12th, across McDougall Rd, then left on 9th St to the bridge at the LRT station.  McDougall Rd is like a section of Paris-Roubaix as it's rough as hell.

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Hi, how did you find out about the new end date for the detour?

This section is on my commute and I agree it's terrible. I've had a brief communication with Parks but given this new date I'd like to talk to them again.

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I am inferring this date from

I am inferring this date from when they had the bridge opening back in December that they gave a project update saying that the work to complete the westbound lane off St. George's Drive would continue until "Summer 2018"

Project update – January 5, 2018 The new 12 Street S.E. Bridge, Zoo Road and Baines Bridge are now open!

While we have completed most of the improvements, construction work will still be continuing in the area until summer 2018. This work will require temporary lane and pathway closures. Please continue to follow detour signs in this area.

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To me this seems like the perfect situation for a bunch of 311 calls.  Poor planning and a lack of good solutions have created this problem and those at the City who are responsible should be made aware.