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How Was Your Ride Today? Week of January 8, 2018


Watch out for that wind today.

The rest of the week brings back in the -20s. 

I recommend a facemask. A ski helmet and goggles maybe. They're super comfortable. Definitely worth. 

Did I mention the ice? 
Don't forget to send in tickets to 311 about any unploughed pathways or ice build up. They'll scrape it dry or sand it down. 


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There's a couple of very

There's a couple of very smooth ice patches on my route from the melt freeze.  I'm not looking forward to the 5 cm snowy covering they'll get tonight.  I'm sure my tires will discover some more in the morning!  I feel like I've got the cold weather gear sorted out this year, enjoyed the riding at -20C, but it does start to get cumbersome much below that.  

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I enjoyed this morning

The lack of wind made todays ride to work much more pleasant than yesterdays. I ride northbound in the morning and was noticably warmer today, give I dressed the same as yesterday.

I thought back to the Christmas break, and how glad I'd been to not get out at O dark thiry for the ride to work ion the cold. That contrasts with this week where I doing exactly that and thoroughly enjoying it. That's just another anecdote to help get me into that head space that keeps me going when the weather is never really as bad as you might imagine. Once I'm out, I always enjoy it.


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Too late..

I make my own work schedule, and today I procrastinated getting going so much that there's now no point in going in! I'd get there just to immediately have to come back. Bummer. For those of you who braved the -30C today, how was the ice under the dusting of snow? Definitely going in tomorrow, I'm not going to let this winter end with my only riding days being the melt-freeze ice brigades and not the nice, calm, dry of the hoarfrost below -20s!

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Entering downtown from the

Entering downtown from the east, I did not notice any additional ice beneath the snow on the Riverwalk. There is the added advantage of not having additional melting during the day, so there is no new ice. 

There is certainly a pleasure to the pathway conditions in these extra-cold temperatures. And when it's this cold, you have to take the pleasure where you can find it...

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To see, or not to see?

As a glasses wearer, this weather sucks.  Goggles on = glasses fog.  Goggles off = eyelashes start to freeze together.  Glasses off = blindness (I'm -6.5).  This morning I had to opt for option 3 as the only feasible way of not freezing.

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I've NEVER been able to get goggles to work for me and glasses.  My older glasses were the tiny-frame style and yeah frozen eyeballz coming down Home Road was surprisingly frequent, and painful.  Give me back my mid-80's googly-eyed goggle-glasses.... er.. maybe not. 

I know I've posted about this before, but I have presription Rudy Project riding glasses and have rocked them now for about 10 years.  They're awesome in 95% of weathers and rarely fog up yet provide great wind coverage.  Worth their weight in gold for sure.  That's about $600-700 depending on the options taken. 

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Very nice ride, I switched out the lobsters for some serious mitts so my hands were warm.  I remebered where the ice patches were before the snow fell, so was prepared to roll across them and not wash out.  I ran into two big, fuzzy coyotes on the Elbow river pathway behind Stampede.  I was glad they decided to quicken there trot once they saw me, I would not like to have a run in with those two!  They scampered into the brush and disappeared before I got to close.