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Possible to put an IGH on Kona Sutra Ltd?

Hey folks..  just curious if anyone knows if it would be possible to swap out the derailleur for an Internal Gear Hub on the Kona Sutra Ltd.?  This bike strikes me as an awesome commuter:, BUT.. I can't bring myself to go back to a derailleur after commuting on an IGH for a couple years now..


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Don't think so

I don't think anyone manufactures an IGH for a 12x142mm thru-axle yet. And I am pretty sure that IGHs like the Shimano Alfine series require a slotted drop-out, too.

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Thanks!  I posted on Reddit

Thanks!  I posted on Reddit as well in r/cycling and got a bunch of replies.  Consensus is way too much hassle than it's worth.  IE: build something from scratch if you're going to do it.