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How Was Your Ride Today? Week of March 26, 2018

Amazing start to this week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty prime riding times so long as you dodged the flurries at the end of Tuesday. The wind gusts were definitely out in full force, but not all that bad for regular Spring time weather. For the end of the week we're dipping back down to colder weather and a bit of snow. After the melt though, it shouldn't be as bad as prior weeks. We're almost there! 

Will grab some still images of pathway conditions from Monday in a bit. 


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Some photo's from road / path

Some photo's from road / path conditions on Tuesday (27th). More melt will have happened Wednesday before the cold front blew in. 

The cycle track on 52nd St NW is clear aside from a mass of gravel:


The bollard at the top has been struck and is no longer in place. Vehicles have been drifting into the cycle track at the top, so be aware, especially considering the tendency to speed here on their ends. Consider sending a 311 ticket to get the bollard repaired quicker (its lying in the parking lot on the left; the vehicle in the shot is drifted over the line).


The Hextall underpass bridge is good but continues to have the drainage issue at the bottom on the blind corner.

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Big puddle under Shouldice.


The ice under the bridge by Memorial where they put the pylons up on. Probably melted by now. 


There are a bunch of additional photos ranging from Bowmont East to Edworthy and such here:  ... Putting it as a URL so this isn't just spammed up with a lot of images. 

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Puddles in the album were indeed iced over today. 

Aside from the ones in Bowmont the vast majority have evaporated away to irrelevance (ie the exbean one at edworthy). The last image here with the pylons is still ice though. However it's thin and not likely to cause problems like it was while bumpy. 

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I'm ready for a change

By the calendar, it is well into spring.  According to the weather, it's the 95th day of January.


Otherwise, the riding is good!

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Good One!

The riding is good!  My toes have been a little bit on the cold side in the mornings, but most of the ice is long gone.  I have almost taken out the summer bike a few times in the last two weeks....

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Whoo, brisk this morning! But

Whoo, brisk this morning! But at least the ice on the pathways, under the 4th St and Centre St bridges, is largely gone. 

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It's been a challenging week.

It's been a challenging week.

The ice flows under 16th ave on Nose Creek MUP is about 6" thick.  Yesterday at some point, they salted it.  Great.  Daily applications of salt should remove that in about 6 weeks. IT IS SIX INCHES THICK!!

Ice flows still present in the underpasses, with the most treacherous one being under 32nd Ave (I think) with water still seeping across it.  The wind has been blowing forecefully enough this week to cause snow to drift across the pathway, making some very icy sections.  Wednesday, the wind was blowing straight in my face the whole way home so grinding along in my smallest gear was about all I could do :(  This morning's weather of -15*C with a windchill of -25*C just about made me want to crawl back in bed and stay there.  I'm a broken man.  Please spring, come back.

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Good on ya man for making the slog this week.  We got back from a sunshine vacation a week ago and it sure was super hard each day to get up early and do battle as well... and I'm on the easier MUP between Edworthy and downtown.  Thursday morning I found the coldest due to wind direction and perhaps humidity?  Saw some dude yesterday morning just with ear muffs riding along... and here I was with balaclava plus ski buff and helmet plus full pop-collar raised up high.  Not sure if my gloves are packed out or I'm just more of a wimp as well.  Hopefully this is the last of the cold stuff...   but you know what's next right?  The onslought of seasonal riders with crappy awareness and crappier skills and worse etiquette.  I've already noted an increase in runners and groups.

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6 inches

Come on over to Edworthy road.


any winter.

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say what?

not sure what you're staying there bud.

I think Edworthy hill can be a crap shoot anytime of year whether it's ice, slush, gravel, vehicles, racers doing intervals up and down, people not reallizing they're all over the dang road, walkers, runners, etc... 

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The Edworthy Glacier

Having commuted through Edworthy for 3 years I often would tell my wife that the ice oe Edworthy was like a real living glacier in the city, in how it would grow and change constantly.  Good exciting times first thing every morning!