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How Was Your Ride Today? Week of April 09, 2018

The geese arrived last week. Saw my first robin this morning. Had a velomobile pass me on the pathway system. 

Despite the lingering snow, I think it's safe for me to say that Spring has arrived. Looks like good riding! Time to get in those nasty spring headwinds. 


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Time to Change Out the Winter Tires?


Has anyone changed out their winter tires yet?

It seems like most days in the past couple weeks have been decent enough for the summer tires but then another dump of snow happens…


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"winters stay on until after may-long"

(that said, the past 2 or so years its been nice enough that I gambled taking mine off during the february bike tune up sales and just had the shop swap my tires along with the tune). 

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Looks like you found Calgary's yellow unicorn!  Was Santa driving? 

Gotta wonder how much splash and mist they get on the commutes home these days. 

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No rear studs = :(

Today was the first day this winter I regretted only putting a studded tire on the front. On the Riverwalk from Fort Calgary into downtown, my rear wheel was slipping out on almost every pedal stroke. I like to think that riding a fixie in the winter helps me modulate traction a bit, but there was none to be found this morning!

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No studs, no helmet

I did not pay attention to the weather forecast this week. My wife told me on the weekend it was supposed to be nice so I promptly forgot everything I know about being prepared in Calgary.

So today I had to take my wife's van in for servicing. I put my bike in the back to ride to work and headed off. Only as I started to notice the abs in the van engaging, and the rain freezing on the windsheild, did I start to think it might have been a mistake to not grab the helmet out of my car.

Had a terrifying ride in on the bike paths behind the stampede grounds. I was frequently coasting with one foot dragging on the ground to form a tripod stance, this saved me from going down at least two times. I was fine once I got onto the roads.

I'd like to think I won't make that mistake again, but I know myself too well to count on that.... 

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That section behind the

That section behind the Stampede grounds can be sketchy as hell some days.  I ride into DT that way on Fridays and you can't count on the state of that pathway being the same as any of the "major" routes.  And that hill up to 25th Ave - holy cow!  What a death trap.

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Still rockin both my studs

Still rockin both my studs (and my helmet) but I've yet to see any ice. I must not have the same sort of shaded areas or at least don't leave as early in the day.