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How Was Your Ride Today? Week of May 7, 2018

Monday and Tuesday continuing the nice weather from over the weekend, albeit maybe not as warm as Sunday's 25°C. Then apparently a bit of a cooling down and some nice Spring rain  for the second half of the week. And naturally we'll continue to have some of these nice 20kmh Spring winds as well! 

In my humble opinion, today looks ideal for a nice evening ride and tomorrow for a morning ride. Once again it looks like this coming Sunday will be pretty close to 25°C too -- I saw a lot of cyclists taking advantage yesterday by riding out to Cochrane and back. Honestly I don't think I've seen that many folks out at the same time as I did yesterday. 

If the rain spooks you away, get those rides in today or tomorrow! Though personally I'm looking forward to these thunderstorms and light showers. Maybe not so much the air feeling more like 5°C on Thursday and Friday however...


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Resistance trainer

I managed to fix my dragging brake on the weekend, so this morning's ride felt much faster!

I was telling a co-worker last week that I pass the bike counter just after the Edmonton trail bridges and check my "score" in the morning - during the depths of the wintry frozen hell, I think my lowest "score" was bike #13 for the day.  These days it's 275+ so great to see so many riders out there (as much as I may grumble about getting passed so often in the morning - the winter solitude of a pathway all to myself is better for the speed-ego than getting passed regularly!)

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Winter gear still?

Am still seeing/hearing people with studded tires on.  this morning (+11 to 12°C'ish) saw a dude with full face balaclava up over the nose.  Some folks wearing heavy jackets.  Wow.  I suppose us year-rounders are well aclimated to the sub-zero's so that +10 is shorts weather now!

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Winter Gear? Not for a couple of weeks

I'm riding in shorts everyday as my extremities don't get cold too often.  In fact, this morning I rode in sleeveless despite the fact that it was +8C!

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Shorts and t-shirt

Didn't bother with arm warmers this morning, though I still have the spring toe covers on my cycling shoes.

But today was shorts and t-shirt, might have to dress up this afternoon if it's raining though :(

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Crash on Monday Afternoon

Saw a rider down (actually face down, not moving) being attended to by some folks at about 5 pm, north side of the river on the Memorial MUP, very close to the CBC.

Anybody know what happened?

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Bowmont Update

They finally diverted the stormwater into the new Nautilus Pond and the rest of their "water park" creation.  Hopefully the fences will be removed soon.

Also, saw one of the returning ospreys down there this morning.

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hope the rain comes (just not too much)

Last few mornings have been tough riding on the path beside Bowness/Parkdale/Memorial with all the dust being kicked up but cars and especially buses. Almost felt like wearing the filter mask I bought for last year's forest fire smoke!

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Cabs with bike racks

Chilly ride in this morning!

Anyone else notice some if not all of the checker yellow cabs have bike racks! That's pretty neat! Good to know incase something goes wrong.

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About 75% of yellow cabs

I did an "informal observation" as I walked across downtown on Friday.

EDIT - the company is actually Checker, in case you ever need to call

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Wasn't quite enough rain this

Wasn't quite enough rain this week. Looks like I'll have to clean my bike the hard way. 

Jokes aside, seems like this week is going to end tailing us into some insane, nearly +30 degree weather next week, so wash your bike and get them all nice and crisp and sparkly and smooth. I confess, I rubbed off some gnarly debris from my jockey wheels this week. Don't forget about your jockey wheels and in between the cassettes or you'll wind up like me. Also apparently losing approximately 3-5 watts, huh. Who knew.