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How Was Your Ride Today? Week of May 14, 2018

Here we go. A little taste of summer. I have a feeling that Thursday 12 is going to feel a lot colder than our first taste of 10s a few weeks ago. Looks like the wind is considering giving us north folk a break by Friday too. We know it's a lie though.


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Nice Morning

Great ride this morning on the newly cleared south river pathway, the city did a great job opening it up, lots of people seem to be out and using it too. Getting ready for a hot ride home this afternoon.

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how is the concrete?

Some of the pics and videos people have been posting lately seem to indicate that the pavement is pretty chewed up.

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Yes, I did notice there are a

Yes, I did notice there are a few spots that could use some repair but I wouldn't say it was that bad, I didn't mind it with road bike tires.

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I too have a road bike

A lack of suspension can be a literal pain in the butt on rough paths so that is why I was wondering.Laughing

Thanks for the info, I'll have to try it out.

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Really enjoyed this week.

Really enjoyed this week. Pathways have been busier than I've ever seen them before, but I don't know how much of that is caused by the closures pushing both sides of the river together in places. 

Picked up a single speed that's been kicking my ass in Bowmont. Any tips for the climb besides booking it hard at the bottom and serpentining when you run out of fumes? ;) 

Will have to pick up a new set of locks and lights for it too, not sure what I want yet. Very different beast though, making for nice Spring rides.

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watch out - the chicks are out!

Saw my first "goose family" yesterday wandering across the path.  Strangely, there was only one gosling and the parents did not hiss at me as I rode by.  I'm sure that will change soon so watch out!

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I saw that gosling.... ?

I too saw a single gosling yesterday, just by crowchild. There were several adults just standing on the path (and about 15 more lounging around on the grass) and rather than move as I hollered at them from far away, they stayed where they were and stared me down.

I think this was the Goose equivalent of a spring time speeding trap in playgrounds blitz. Ie, they know they're about to have a lot more goslings so they're reminding all us two wheelers to watch out for Geese on the pathways.

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that's the one

Just east of Crowchild.  And I really like your speed trap analogy - very appropriate!

It has been interesting to see the geese congragating at that spot (among others further west) despite all the bridge construction. I won't want my kids playing around there!