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How Was Your Ride Today? MONTH of JUNE, 2018

Well I figure since these weekly updates aren't hitting the mark anymore I'd try the MONTH approach.

What's news??

- still saw/heard someone last week ripping the studded tires.  Better to be safe and secure eh...  

- Crowchild underpass still under construction... how much longer?  sigh...  South side path conditions slowly getting worse year by year.  Is there a plan for this?

- New park under construction in NW Calgary along Bowmont area... your thoughts on all the entry/egress paths directly onto the path?  Ripe for conflict and near misses?

- Peace Bridge conflicts with new grads and wedding-season taking over whole width and then surprised that other users want to get through?  Is there a solution?

- What else?



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About the Crowchild Bridge

It's not very fun on the road, by car either.  I've been avoiding it for the last couple of weeks.

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The Ride has been good, thanks for asking!


The last report I read said that the cycling/pedestrian crossing beneath Crowchild Trail, originally anticipated to re-open in May, will remain closed into mid- to late-June, possibly early July.  Looking at the mess in the area, I’m skeptical that it will open at all this year. 


Other than that minor hiccup on my commute to work, I have been enjoying the past month of cycling.   Even the rain and showers have been pleasant.  It’s sometimes good to switch things up. ;)


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Ride to Conquer Cancer

It's been a good month for commuting so far! 

I tried to post a fourm a few weeks ago reagrding the ride to conqure cancer and I checked back later and I cannot find the post. Does anyone know if it has to be approved or something before it gets posted, or did I just do something wrong? I'm doing the ride in August for the first time and I'm wondering if anyone has done it before and if they have any insight or advice for me? I dont mean to hijack this post! Anyone can message me if they have tips for me! :)

Thank you so much! 


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Hi Stacey, if you are signed up for the web page your posts should automatically show up. I'm not sure if they show up in the Active Forum Topics unless someone else actually comments (hint: if this is the case, you can always put a comment on another page directing people to your post if you feel it valuable, or comment on your own post). If you have something that you want to have promoted to the front page, i.e. an event or some such thing, you can request it be promoted. Details are here:

Hope that helps. 

Oh, I did look for your post about Ride to Conquer Cancer, but did not find anything. Maybe there was a technical glitch or one of the fields was not filled out and it didn't go? If you have any questions, definitely feel free to contact the board via any of the contacts on 


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Might've been a rollback? I

Might've been a rollback? I noticed the sight was shaky for a while a few weeks back which is when she said she posted.

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Good call

Good call. Monthy threads make sense. 

My June's been a bit like this (youtube with audio, you may wish to mute asap. edit; reuploaded). For some reason I thought the best way to fix my being weak and frail and sickly was to buy a single speed and ride it up the cliff every work day. My knees hurt just rewatching the video to render. Needless to say I think I'll be taking the less direct route for a while, but I'll admit it is fun to crawl pathetically up once in a while too. Not sure what possessed me to think this last chinook was a good time to do the east bowmont route.

All aside it's been an incredibly good start to the summer season and I was surprised at how active Spring has been regarding new riders. It's great to see. Hopefully the July closures won't be too big of a bummer.

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Saw the Shouldice path open

Saw the Shouldice path open on my way home tonight.

Decided to swing back around and go down all the new pavement, which you can see here.
Long story short, the old pathway that was torn out and repaved is really nice. Especially since it bypasses the part of the road they never fixed, completely full of potholes. The new bicycle section doesn't make much sense to me since it's not very long and spits right back out to the middle of the road again anyway. Both exits have a large bush obscuring sightlines. North most part has a sharp turn. I imagine most will continue to use the road despite this addition. If this was made for strollers, I wish they'd have paved both crossings' intersections. Perfect opportunity to make the crossing a speed bump ramp too. 

The pedestrian section is just a loop through what had become an unofficial "dog park", the same people who made a big stink about these paths being paved to begin with. You can see it was still busy with dogs despite my having been there later in the evening. Don't recommend going down it with a bike, and in fact there are signs saying no bikes at both entrances anyway. 

My personal opinion is that they could easily get away just putting in bike lane markers, especially along the east side (where the ball parks are). The addition of a few extra meters, while nice that it bypasses some of the Shouldice parking, doesn't seem to add a whole lot without going all the way through and connecting to the path at the new football complexes. 

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Shouldice area

Agreed the newly paved section is nice but wow, that road right at the entry/exit to the new path really sucks with big holes.  Another example of narrow-minded approach by the various planners. 

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What a waste

That's a dumb place to put a path. I rode it last night and I think it's a complete waste of money.

The road there is fine to ride on (if they'd finish paving), but that path is removing such a short section of road riding while increasing the number of times you have to blindly enter the road that I'd say it's more dangerous.

They should have put that path on the north side, what were they thinking?!?

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Pathway Link

It's not on the pathway and bikeway map ( any longer, but I believe the original intent was to fill in a missing link along the river from the existing pathway to the TCH bridge. There's a couple private properties that get in the way and force the in-and-out to the road and then there was quite a fuss raised about a cycling corridor through the informal off-leash area. 

I have to check it out, but the video was a good primer. I'm guessing that fixing the crossings would have involved getting Roads involved on a Parks project and crossing "silos" is unfortunately challenging for the City. I've got in a question, through Bike Calgary, as to whether there's any opportunity to improve the crossings and also inquiring as to whether the crossings are going to be designated, signed and marked as multi-use in accordance with their function.

It will be interesting to see how many people stick with the road, as it's the more direct line and not very busy or fast-moving for motor-vehicle traffic. If the City does extend snow and ice clearing to the new section of pathway, there may be some benefits for winter travel, since the road is not cleared.

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Pathway bypass

That road sure is something special.  Every second year they seem to randomly throw down patches of gravel on some holes, and alternating years they just re-gravel or crappy chip-seal'ish the length and sure as sh*t they repeat over and over and over...  the holes keep re-appearing, the patchwork is poor and provides great dodge-em practice.  at least in the winter its... oh wait... it's just as bad and often glaze ice every spring.    Understandably the private residences along the south don't help, nor the playing fields on the north, but there really is obviously no real plan or coordination efforts.  Due to the relatively low usage I'm sure it's ranked somewhere below #103 Fix Northside MUP along Deerfoot by Weir.


Oh, and since the repaving this week, I have decided it's almost safer to use the MUP however the blind crossing under 16th filled with massive potholes almost makes it safer to play dodgem across 16th Ave and HomeRoad at rush hour when the lights flip to orange when you're half way through!!

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Beep beep

Heading home yesterday a small car beat me to the pathway intersection under the 16th ave bridge. Since the new paint they've kindly left us bike folk a nice, compact, bike sized stop sign, so I stopped for him. He also stopped. And then honked. And then exasperatedly left after the second time I pointed out my stop sign to him. 

I agree, buddy, I agree. Shame they didn't spend that specialized stop sign money on paving straight through the intersection instead. Nice, smooth tarmac, a tiny little ramp for cars to know they should slow down and are in pedestrian territory, right of way for the folks who would've gotten it in any other sane country... At least the stop sign that will be treated as a yield at best from everyone is cute.

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Edworthy 'Park 'N Ride' lot, north side of the river

Has anyone heard if the city will be paving the road that takes you into this lot?  The potholes are some of the worse I have ever seen and playing "dodge-em" in a car is not nearly as easy as on a bike, especially with all the cars parked on the north side of this road.


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Call 311 and ask

That's the best way to prompt them to action.

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already in the system

Apparently a road repair request was already submitted by someone on May 30th.

Would be nice if they paved that road since it has such a high usage rate but then when would you close it down to do this?  I lived in the Riverside Tower right beside this road for 17 years and it was always in brutal shape with repairs consisting of dumping some dirt in the pot holes.

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I ride everyday, snow, rain, sun

That is right, I ride every single day whether it be rain, snow or sun. Cracks in the roads are getting bigger, potholes everywhere. Where are our tax dollars going? Art projects going to out of country and province artists. Remember that Peace Bridge costing $50M, I mean what a joke, and now the Olympic committee wasting even more tax dollars. Transit wants $30M for 15 electric buses, yet pedestrians and cyclists get hit by gassers all the time with no crack down by the Fuzz. My biggest beef is the buses do not have racks. In BC every single bus has a rack, from the small buses to the double length buses, even on the island with one bus every 1.5hrs has a bike rack. In Calgary even the C-Train replacement double length buses do not have racks. Gotta wait for the one bus that does. What a joke! We need a better representation in City Hall!