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Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program $42.5 million

... The provincial program has $42.5 million available this year for municipalities, money comes from Ontario's cap and trade program.

It  will cover 80 per cent of associated costs for approved projects and the city is expected to contribute the other 20 per cent. ...


Pimentel said with this money the city is hoping to link bike paths to other infrastructure, such as public transit and high employment and commercial areas.

"A lot of these projects actually tie into the LRT, whether it be the line itself or future stations or stops," he said. ...


Remember that all the active streets improvements that were included in the West LRT were taken out (they are unfunded, and have no timeline/schedule) of the Green Line LRT.  A provincial grant program specifically for cycling could benefit both tourism and daily, everyday, transportation.  This seems like a win-win to get more ridership for the Green Line LRT first phase. The planning work for active modes was done for Ogden/Lynnwood/Millican and Inglewood/Ramsay.  For the rest it wasn't.



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OMCC Cancelled


... The OMCC was funded through the cap and trade program, which has also been cancelled. ... The $93 million announcement was a game changer for cycling in Ontario in December 2017. It was supposed to be one of several investments that would see up to $225 million for cycling infrastructure over 4 years. ...


The BikeBC Funding has survived over 20 years in the Transportation ministry funding envelop while the Ontario funding from Cap and Trade/Environment ministry funding envelop disappears after the party in power changes.  Note the original 42.5mm was doubled in December 2017.  Nothing yet on the funding for school active transportation programs from the Ministry of Education. 

Also note Alberta funds pathways inside parks through Alberta Trailnet with no funding for municipal governments to build on-street infrastructure, so if the Conservatives get elected in 2019 at least there's no funding for them to take away here.