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Route options? Sandy Beach Park N Bike to Downtown

I will find myself commuting from the southwest next week and as I live in the northwest, that area is totally foreign to me.  Specifically from Mount Royal University area to Downtown.  I see the Sandy Beach Park and Bike may give me a good free parking option. Google maps give me a few options (below).  Does anyone know if the Elbow Dr. & 29 Ave. detour is still in place?  I am open to other routes on pathways and/or on-street bike lanes.,-114.0908822/51.0458791,-114.07...@51.0281491,-114.0991841,14z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e1 




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I believe you can stay on the pathway system all the way to 5th street if you desired. Not sure about the detour.

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Will give it a shot on Monday.

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Not closed yet

Wasn't closed this morning.  Pipes were stockpiled on-site for upcoming stormwater outfall work though.