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How Was Your Ride Today? MONTH of SNO-TOBER 2018

Is it Sno-tober, or SN-October?  heh heh

Well it's the month where typically rider numbers plummet, and we get our first real taste of winter and ice.  Hmmmm  

Been there done that.

Let's hope for better, consistent, and safe clearing on ALL the detour routes.

If you don't have your front (white) AND back (red) lights mounted, charged, and usable now's the time.

Less riders, more detours, more road debris, worn drivetrains and tires... be good Scouts and Be Prepared!  What do you carry?


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Crow child signage

At the Edworthy bridge heading East there’s a big sign saying Criwchild underpass is OPEN. DONT BELIEVE IT. The path is still blocked as before and the detour still in place over to the Brownsea (scout shop ped overpass.

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Saw it from south side and seems open

As I rolled past the bridge on the south side, I noticed that a sign said that the pedestrian bridge is open!  You can't access the bridge from the west side (and there still is the same detour on the main path right under Crowchild), but it looks like you can from the east side...

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Elbow pathway

An bad start to the season with pathway clearing along the elbow river.  Took them a couple of days to even try and clear the big snowfall, and they're still slow getting out there the last couple of days.  I hope this doesn't represent the quality of pathway clearing for the rest of the year, cause it's going to make getting around difficult.