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Detour - West Eau Claire (Apr-2018 to Fall-2018)

The City is continuing work on Phase 2 of West Eau Claire and has posted the following detour map on their pathway closures website:

The duration of the closure, though not specified on the map, is described a lasting from April to sometime in the fall (see Eau Claire Public Realm Plan website) and will allow for installation of separated bike and pedestrian pathways and other improvements. At this point, we have no information as to what the impact of “coordinated intermittent closures along pathway” will be.

Please note that, while the detour map also directs cyclists to share the sidewalk (specifically along 3rd Avenue?), this does not preclude travelling on-street through this area along the 3rd Avenue on-street bikeway.

While we understand that the detours present challenges, we look forward to an improved public realm in the near future.

To help in gauging the impact and effectiveness of the detours we encourage our members to provide their feedback via this forum and, if the restrictions are adversely affecting your travel, to also contact the City directly via 3-1-1 or through the area Councillor’s office (work is taking place in Ward 7, so email and is adjacent to Ward 8,



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Current Conditions

Currently, the south-side path is fenced and closed completely from LRT to Peace. Besides the "map" signs, I didn't see any "detour" signs (e.g. to continue to direct you back). LRT ped bridge and north-side are all open currently.

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beware the 10st underpass "cyclists dismount" zone (south side construction-fenced area), I saw bylaw officers posted there on Friday on my way home from work. Passed by today and there is a lot of ready-looking pathway behind the fencing, so I wonder when the fences will be removed? Still large concrete blocks and dismount signs.

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good call

I have been watching for people on the narrow path and if present, I'll dismount and walk otherwise I'll just ride through.

And doesn't that new pavement look nice, especially with the big bike symbols painted on it?  But is there going to be a walking path directly beside this bike-only one?  So when cyclists heading west want to turn right onto the pedestrian bridge under the LRT tracks, we will have to cross pedestrian traffic?  Glad I come in early and leave early because that will be a mess at rush hour!

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Bike to Work day

I'm volunteering again for this event on Friday and will be manning the energy station at the Louis Bridge area. Riding through that area this morning I am wondering how the "rat maze" of fencing is going to affect numbers.  In past years this has been a very busy location (2000+ riders in 3 hours) but with the Crowchild bridge closed and the fencing here, I am thinking it will be relatively quiet. I hope not as it is great meeting and talking with all my fellow cyclists!

Update: as predicted, the numbers were down from previous years but there still were almost 1000 people that passed our Louise Bridge Energy Station.  Great job everyone who took advantage of the beautiful morning!

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new path is open under the Louise bridge

The nice, newly paved bike-only path is now open on the south side of the river under 10th Street.  Pedestrian path looks like it is still being worked on so watch for walkers/runners on the new path, especially with the warmer weather coming.

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Yes I have ridden through

Yes I have ridden through there (to the $50M pedestrian bridge) a few times now. Not ideal but you can cruise through there pretty easily. Wonder how many millions above rational cost this "improvement" will run. Maybe throw in some Non-Canadian Artist work. Perhaps an expensive curvy LED sign then the welds can be redone, perhaps install some indoor LED for the outdoor sign.

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If you're going to just bellyache, at least bellyache with facts

a. $25 million. Not over budget.
b. Define rational cost of the amount of land movement and infrastructure being done.
c. "Local artists, Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett, have created a piece of art that embeds 12,000 brass survey monuments in the sidewalk of the Delta Gardens, intended to glitter like light across water."
$45,000 for the installation

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I've been noticing a steady stream of moaning posts from this user about the cost of infrastructure. I really appreciate the rational rebutal.