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Edmonton urban cycling

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sounds pretty grim

I'll refrain from making any jokes about Edmonton, but the article above doesn't paint a pretty picture about the cycle commuting options up there.

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Edmonton downtown separated cycle lanes installed and in use.

Downtown and the Whyte avenue area of Edmonton now have a few cycle lanes separated from traffic:

These were being planned already in 2014 so I don't see how 2016 newspaper articles above in the thread could miss them. (Uninformed, sloppy reporting, as so often is the case)

I have cycle commuted in 3 European cities and 2 US cities. After 17 years of cycling in Edmonton I don't think it is either particlarly worse or better than the average city, which is still car centered. I occasionally use this new cycle lanes for "last mile". All my main commuting is on the paths system, and that has always been the case. In Gothenburg, Sweden I chose to cycle 15km along the uninterrupted river path, instead of 10km through dense city traffic, In Rochester, NY I cycled along the NY canal path and Genesee river. In Edmonton the majority of distance I cycle on the river valley paths or the former CN railroad path going north. I cycle the shortest distance possible orthogonal to these to get to my desination (downtown offices, shopping). This means longer longer distance cycling in total, but that cycling distance is free of  cars, exhaust, noise etc. Key for each city has been to think, before chosing where to live, how and where I will be able to bike. Obviously there are areas I cannot reach this way. I just choose to go to shops and businesses which I can reach by cycling, and have always found a way to live so I can cycle to work, or combine cycle and public transport. In suburban Munich I cycled to from the bus or train and brought a foldable bike (Brompton) on the bus / train.


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This summer

We were there twice this year in Edmonton, both times just after their downtown separated bike lanes opened.  Though we didn't have our bikes at the time, the bike lanes looked useful but can't comment on their connectivity.

Coincidentally 1 of the days, was a celebration opening of the lanes.