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Falconridge to Harvest Hills Blvd and 96th Ave NE

I'm looking for suggestions on the best route to get from Falconridge up to near the T&T at Harvest Hills Blvd and 96th Ave NE on Saturday morning. Since it's a weekend I figure traffic will be a little bit lighter. 

I'm thinking of taking the shiny new path along McKnight to Deerfoot, riding along the median in the centre of McKnight to cross Deerfoot, then taking the Nose Creek path the rest of the way. Other than the bit crossing Deerfoot this is almost ideal, and it's familiar. If I have time I might go the extra distance down to 32nd or the pedestrian bridge over Deerfoot. Are there any better ideas? 

Google maps suggests some combination of 36th St and Metis up to Airport Trail/96th Ave but that seems unpleasant unless there's something I'm missing.


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google maps

Google Maps suggested a different route to me, which takes you down to cross Deerfoot along Vista Heights. Probably not as efficient if there's a pathway along McKnight. Looks like there's a pedestrian bridge in that location at least which is nice. Unfortunately RideTheCity wasn't able to calculate a route at all. 

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I would take McKnight to the 12 St NE lights (Tim Hortons) then jog west and north on 11 St at the next lights... then up to 64th, cross Deerfoot on the south side of 64th ( crappy sidewalk), then hop on the Nose Creek MUP.  Since it's a weekend there shouldn't be a ton of traffic on 11 St which is the only place you'll have to ride directly on the road.  I've done this route before on a weekend and it wasn't too bad.  McKnight is dreadful, I would recommend staying off any roadways with a speed limit higher than 50.

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That's perfect. I always

That's perfect. I always forget about 11th. I can even stop at the Italian grocery store on the way home.

Thank you.

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Nose Creek MUP

It doesn't show it on the current bike & pathways map, but it has been extended to 96th Avenue, which will put you just east of the T&T.

I didn't know about that Italian Store, but I'm going there next time I'm in the area!!  Amazing how pounding out kilometers goes so well with good food!