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Feedback Opportunity - 9 Avenue SE - To February 21, 2018

The City of Calgary is conducting Phase 3 Engagement for the 9th Avenue SE Streetscape Master Plan, which is part of the Main Streets Initiative and aims to “To encourage a vibrant public realm, variety of retail and small business and increase local services”.

Image: City of Calgary 9th Avenue SE project page.

Online Engagement from February 7-21, 2018 at, where you can view and comment on the street composition, concept designs and other elements.

Please note that there are currently no cycling-specific accommodations, beyond shared space indicated in the Transit/Off-Peak Parking lane, planned as part of this corridor retrofit.

IMAGE: City of Calgary, 9th Avenue Engage Page Concept Design.

If you believe that there is value in also having safe and comfortable bicycle access to amenities along this corridor then definitely include that message in your comments. There are feedback boxes that allow you to state what you feel should be changed, removed or added.