What You Can Do

Here are some easy things you can do to help make Calgary more bike-friendly.

Educate Yourself

  • Read the City's Cycling Strategy. It's a long document, but it's easy to read and is very informative both for cyclists and non-cyclists.
  • Read our cycling FAQ. You'll be surprised by how many cyclists there already are in Calgary, how little the City spends on cycling in comparison to other modes of transport, and how cost-effective it would be to make Calgary more bike friendly.

Express Your Support

  • Write to the mayor and your alderman / councilor. Tell them you want Calgary to become a bike friendly city and that you want safe cycling infrastructure now.
  • Not sure who to write to or what to say? Here are some suggestions.
  • Call 311, email 3-1-1ContactUs@calgary.ca,or file an online request whenever you see something that makes life for people on bikes more difficult. But also call 311 when you see an improvement, and compliment the City's progress. Or just call and tell the operator that you like the city's new bike lanes and want more of them.  (The City uses 311 calls to prioritize projects and direct funding!)

Spread the Word

Ride Your Bike

  • Making cycling more visible goes a long way toward improving its acceptance.
  • If you're not confident cycling on the streets, review our safety tips and consider taking Bike Calgary's Urban Cycling Skills course.
  • If you're not sure of the best routes to take, ask someone who rides or ask the question on the  BikeCalgary forums. Cyclists are a friendly bunch and are often more than willing to suggest various routes or ride the routes with you.

Lead by Example

If you already ride your bike, do it responsibly! 

    • Don't ride on the sidewalks. It's dangerous and illegal (unless you're under 14 years of age.)
    • Stop for red lights and stop signs and follow the rules for yielding.
    • Signal your turns clearly and in advance.
    • Use a light or blinky to make yourself more visible, even during daylight hours.
    • If you're riding on a busy road and have a lineup of traffic backed up behind you, pull over to let them pass.
    • Be courteous to other cyclists and motorists.

If you don't ride your bike, please be courteous to Calgary's cyclists. You will see both cyclists and motorists who are not acting safely or courteously, but this is your chance to set a good example:

    • Give cyclists plenty of room when passing -- having a vehicle speed by you just a few inches away is scary and dangerous.
    • Don't cut cyclists off, honk or yell at them, or tell them to ride on the sidewalk (riding on the sidewalk is not safe and is illegal if you're over 14 years old). 
    • Check behind you before opening your car door -- both when you're entering and when exiting your vehicle.

Become Involved

  • Bike Calgary, as well as other cycling organizations around town, can use your help.
  • Check out the many ways you can help Bike Calgary make a difference.
  • Give us feedback!  Got comments or questions?  Write connect@bikecalgary.org