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How was your ride today? Week of 2 October, 2017

Summer on Friday, blizzard on Monday. Gotta love Calgary weather!   ;-)

How did everyone make out?


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Love these days.

It is funny because most of the people sitting in their cars stalled on the road must think the cyclists are crazy.  All I am thnking when riding past them all is how crazy they are for sitting in their cars going nowhere for hours.  

All in all a fun ride in, a few slippery spots.  

Still on my summer tired fix gear, but I ride it like that all winter,


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America's Cup

Since I come from the north, I'm sure I could have made up a sail and not had to pedal until I got into DT.  Once I turned westward though and I got the head/cross wind, those snow flakes sure did sting the eyeballs.

I wasn't quite ready to switch to the studs on my 700c commuter, so I rode the MTB in just in case there is some snow accumulation.

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No Accumulation, but

remember to watch out for the wet leaves, they are just as deadly!!

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My worst biking-related ding last year was a mild shoulder separation due to some wet leaves. So thanks for the reminder!!

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24 St SW Down to River Path Conditions?

Talk about getting your sea legs Laughing!  That looks awesome!

Can anyone comment on the condition of the path between the river and 24th Street SW since yesterday?  Having only one set of wheels, I'm not willing to swap over the tires for just a couple of days.



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The wind!  

The wind!  

The wind forecast made me chicken out on the day it snowed. I don't mind snow or ice one bit but the wind is awful. I have the luxury of making that choice to stay home though so I find I've been taking advantage more than I would in the past. My logic was "I'll have lots of winter to play with later, I'll wait for it to actually arrive!"  :)

Also please tell me what we can do to help keep this site from its periodic downtime. I had a post written to something this week that was deleted on account of another "siteground yadda yadda yadda" and it's really disheartening, I wind up forgetting about the site for days on end...

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Oh yeah, I remember seeing

Oh yeah, I remember seeing closure signs on my way home Friday and being confused. Thought maybe someone just propped up the one that was left there again. Thanks for the official link! 

Did they remember to put a sign up at the Silver Springs entrance to Bowmont this time or did they put the stupid signs AFTER the giant hill again?? I swear we have to put a 311 ticket in every time they close Bowmont because for some reason they think it's okay to put the detour sign right before the closure and not before an actual split in the road. I'm sure the pedestrians love walking for 15 minutes up the bluff every time it happens. 

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poor planning

yup the city is pretty awesome at putting my closure/detour signs at the sight of the CLOSURE, not where you should begin taking a DETOUR.  The pathway behind the zoo is a good example.  It doesn't tell you at ~8th ave that if you want to continue west, you should be on St. George's drive.

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They're pretty good about moving an additional sign to the route of the detour if you put in a 311 ticket. Maybe they'll get the message eventually if we keep doing it!

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Work at 12th St - Zoo

It only became apparent to me yesterday that what they are building is a pathway underpass under the 12th St / Zoo Road.  Hopefully they will be wrapping up soon as the detour is a real pain.  But they appeared to be compacting the base for a new pathway yesterday so I hope that means paving starts soon.  I suppose with the anticipated increase in traffic volumes with the new bridge that the crosswalk crossing for the pathway would become a real hazard (it's been problematic in the past if you are coming from the East side as drivers are only looking to the West for oncoming traffic so they can pull out).

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Interesting. That is a good choice for that area for the exact reason you point out. A two-way crossing next to a one-way road is a recipe for risk.

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Cyclist on Pedestrian Only Path

I've come across a person multiple times in the last 2-3 weeks between 8:00 and 8:20am on a Fuji (road or CX) bike and panniers that insists on riding west on the pedestrian-only path on the north side of the Bow river between Extreme Bean and Crowchild Tr.  I usually just yell "wrong path".  Today I decided to slow down, ride onto the grass, and yell "dude, why are riding on the pedestrian path?!".  He answered with a "Thank you" in a tone that he was annoyed and knew what he was doing.  Given I detected he knew exactly what he was doing, I would like to report him somehow.  I checked on the 311 app, but there doesn't seem to be an appropriate category.  Maybe I'm over-reacting and it's pointless since the snow will come soon and everyone will be on the cycling paths.  Suggestions?


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Might be someone here

There was a post a while back from one of the regular posters who proudly proclaimed they ride on that path.

As for why? The bike path is a bumpy mess, the pedestrian path is relatively new smooth asphault.

I suggest a shake of the head and move on with your life.

I did report the unregulated ebike I saw regularly zipping down the paths at over 50km/h, and I also take exception to lawnmower engine powered bikes and mopeds on the paths. If I spot a regular user sporting any of those on the paths that's when I call 311.

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Rode the new Home Road Lanes

It's only paint, but it definitely felt a bit more comfortable than before the improvements. Was some confusion when I was waiting on the new asphalt curb to cross to the west side of Home Road at 52nd. A vehicle stopped on the way up to let me and another cyclist cross, which they aren't obliged to do. Would have waited, but the other guy started going when it was clear the downhill vehicles were also stopping. Tough one, because, if the downhill vehicles hadn't, and there was a collision, I'm sure it would be the cyclist(s) at fault. Personally, I'm happy to just wait on my bike and time it out to ride across when the way is clear, but this highlights how this situation needs clarification. Anyway, also checked out the light timing on the bike light at 16th. Seems to be synched with the main signal.