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How Was Your Ride Today? Week of April 30, 2018

I missed Friday and Monday and now suddenly all the grass is green. What happened? 

Looks like a good, comfortable week of riding with a bit of that Spring wind. Don't think you'll need to look out for any rain now, but maybe checking the wind forecasts are a good idea. I like Weather Underground's wind readings. 


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North side of the river from

North side of the river from the Peace Bridge is a lot busier this week. I'd expect to have to slow down in this area now that the south side has more substantial fencing and detouring going in. 

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I know that my wife is

I know that my wife is commuting on the north side now because of all the fencing and detouring. So a lot of bike traffic will probably choose to take that side.

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freezing alert: missed

Late this week I've seen balaclavas, goggles, fully studded 2.2" tires, and a my first annual helmet-on-backwards.  Not sure if I missed the blizzard/freezing weather alert that these folks had.  Happy to have my first series of bare-arms-&-leg commutes this week, but that dang wind Wed-Thurs-Fri was not appreciated. at all.