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How Was Your Ride Today? Week of December 11, 2017

Getting a bit nervous now. When does winter come? 

Looks like another great week outside of the mixed precipitation on Friday, which is still reading above 0. 


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warm, bare and dry

I'm with you!  I hope winter can hold off until mid next week.  Although being someone who enjoys getting out on the snow, I'm a little sad it's so bare.

The zoo bridge must be open now, but the pathway up to St. George's drive will be out of commission still until next summer.

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Just incase anyone was wondering.... - Quarry Trail Conditions

Decided to check out Quarry trail yesterday to see if it had fully melted.

It was still mostly covered in ice, very slick in some spots, dry dirt in others. With studs I was able to make it up reasonably well.

I would definitely not recommend descending this trail unless you are on a studded fat bike.


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I was wondering about the trail’s condition so thanks for the update!  :)

Based on your description, I will continue to avoid…

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I was wondering

about the conditions on the MUPS in Bowness Park and Weaselhead.


Anybody know?