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How Was Your Ride Today? Week of December 18, 2017

Whew, okay, there's winter. Not sure I'll be saying whew tomorrow or Wednesday though. 

Button back up, we're jumping back to the -10s. Be aware of the snowfall we're getting tonight. Tuesday will have strong afternoon winds. Thurs/Fri likely to have some gusts as well. Check your forecasts! 


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Whew, lots of them

Today is my last commute for 2017, and given the snow, it's a highlight day too.

Of the 204 rides to work this year, this one took the cake. I'm so glad I have a fat bike, I'd have been pushing most of the 12 k on any other.

The first half of the trip was straight forward riding in packed ruts from Glamorgan to Edworthy. The bike "swam" a bit when I pulled out of the ruts to the right to let cars by, making me consider whether I should buy another studded tire for the rear, but over-all it was fine.  

I got one great guilty pleasure on the first leg of the trip when I got to ride poast four people pushing a car up a hill in Glendale, I don't think they were successful, because nothing caught up to me until I got to Bow trail. 

The ride down into Edworthy park was a blast! I'll pay for that with the slog back up on the way home this afternoon.  I dropped just before the railroad tracks in the park, caught the front wheel on the pathway edge. I was just admiring the outline in the snow of a rider who'd obviously done the same thing ahead of me, when down I went.  That was worth a laugh and a whew!  

Edworthy bridge had drifted in somewhat and my rear wheel wouldn't bite, so I had to push the up slope, once the bridge leveled out I was riding again.

Since the paths hadn't been touched yet, I took Bowness Road to 37th street to make the ascent to the back side of Foothills hospital.  There is a steep bit of path right at the top of 37th where the rear wheel started spinning again and I had to push until the path levelled out, then I was riding again.

I stuck to the road in the west campus "whew" i was getting tired, and carried on into U of C campus.

I had a collision in front of Mac Hall, a car dropping passengers in the no stopping zone pulled out without looking, right into me. i hit the side mirror pretty hard, I can't feel bad if it's broke because the bugger wasn't using it anyway. 

In the end I rolled into work about 1/2 hour later than usual, a big chunk of that due to shovelling my sidewalks and driveway as well as my neighbors walk before leaving home. So I give the fat bike top marks for handleing this weather. I'm going to have to give more thought to adding a second studded tire to the rear though, and I'll continue to dream about how ideal an e-assit would be for this type of riding.

Merry Christmas!

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A nice walk to work

Sounds like you had more fun then me, or at least a better attitude about it.

I almost turned back after barely marking down my street on my fatbike. Riding in car ruts was fine, however the 15cms of powder on the paths wasn't easily rideable on fat tires. Front kept drifting, any power to the rear and it was sliding and sinking.

Spruce drive and 12th ave beside Bow trail were fine, but from there back on the paths I was basically pushing my bike. A guy with skinny tires passed me on the path south of the river managed to be making headway. Was extra disheartening to see the north side path was plowed as I watched other cyclists moving a decent speed from across the river.

Definitely one of the tougher commutes, but still better then driving!

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Spruce Drive

I was really surprised when I turned off Windermer Road onto Spruce drive, that would have been near 6:30am.  There had already been a plow on Spruce Drive and that one block stretch from Windermere Road to Spruce Clif United was a welcome rest!

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a waste of a nice shower

Unfortunately, my tires are only 2.5".  Lots of swimming, roads not pack down well enough for traction, and tough to create momentum.  No clearing on any pathways - didn't need to brake coming down any of the hills.  Lots of pushing (and cussing).  


Hoping for better this afternoon...


178 days this year.

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At least you had a shower

I took the Cow-Train ysterday as I knew that the paths I needed wouldn't have been plowed in the morning.  I saw a guy get on the train at the Lion's Park station with his CX bike at about 8:45 and the C-Train driver got on the intercom and let him know that he wasn't supposed to do that until after 9 am and that the fine was $250!  Grinch or Krampus?

Anyways, I rode today, for the last day of the year (and the shortest at 7 hrs, 54 min's and 21 sec's) and the ride was great.  But when I went to shower at work, the hot water heater was broken!  I had already rubbed shampoo in my hair, so I had to go stand under the #`&*#% freezing cold tap!  Wide Awake!

199 days and 6,666 km this year, mostly on a new bike

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good day to be off?

Today was the first day of my Christmas break (and still carrying 2 weeks of holidays to next year - *sigh* - did not do a good job of actually taking any time off this year, due to just too much busyness).  So I did not miss the thought of what the commute would have been this morning.  However in the afternoon I needed to go to the postal outlet to pick up a parcel so I took the fat bike for the 7 km round trip (thanfully all the way on sidewalks/paths, so not duking it out on the streets).  Moved at about 1/3 of my usual commuting speed, but with 3 times the effort.  However not really being on a schedule made it fun.  I could get bite in the snow fairly well on the untouched pathway on 27.5x4.8 tires at ~4-5 psi.

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that was an improvement

A huge improvement over yesterday's commute.  But then, it could scarcely been worse.  most roads this morning were packed snow and the S side of the Bow River pathway was cleared (yesterday sometime) from downtown to the Crowchild bridge and up the paved path to 24th ST SW.  The portion from 24 ST to 25A St (across the red Ped bridge over Bpw Trail) was not cleared, but a narrow track has beens packed down [311 ticket filed].

Nice winter ride. Commute time was only 5 minutes more than average, 

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Pathway cleared

Path between 24 st and 25A st now cleared, including the red bridge!

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Great powder day yesterday - icky brown snow today

I had the good fortune to take yesterday off work and hit Sunshine Village. Whereas the snow was hard going here in town, west of the City everything was plowed, the skies were sunny, and the snow on the hill was great.

I returned to work today. I noticed that a couple short sections of cycle track that have construction scaffolding being built were neither plowed nor salted, and they were the best bits of riding downtown today.

Is there any effective way to ask roads to stop salting the cycle tracks except when there is actually a melt/freeze cycle going on? Presalting before every snowfall is destroying my bike, and resulting in that wonderfully shitty brown slurry to ride through.