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How Was Your Ride Today? Week of January 1, 2018

Off to a slow start? Stuck in Snirt?

I left home early enough this morning that I got to ride on hard packed roads. The temperature was rising steadily though, and I'm expecting a snirt fest for the ride home. I'm sure folks that ride later in the morning have already experienced that.

Happy New Year everyone.



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Yep, had snirt at 8:30 am

On the roads, anyways.  But, the paths were nicely cleared all the way.  It will be interesting to see how the warm weather treats us this week........

The days are now longer than 8 hours (goodbye to the dark days of the winter solstice, and a really special goodbye to the freeze of the last week or so) and the days will actually be longer than 9 hours by the end of the month.  BELIEVE IT OR DON'T!!

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The strangest thing happened to me this morning

I had accidentally left a piece of cord loosely tied on my knapsack and it got wrapped up in the small standoff that holds the disc brake rotor on the rear wheel.  I felt something pulling on my knapsack and thought "this is weird," as there are no straps long enough to get tangled up back there.  Suddenly, it started really tightening up and pulling me hard into the saddle and then my back wheel just locked up!  Luckily on dry pavement on a road that is never busy.  You might not think about it, but it was actually fairly challenging getting off my bike, as my butt was firmly cemented into the seat.  But I was able to undo my hip belt & chest strap and wiggle out of my pack (that must have looked really funny).


The moral of the story?  Check equipment before riding.....

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Long scarves can be frightening like that too

A number of years ago I saw a young lady pulled off her bike when her scarf caught in her chain. It took a lot of cutting with my pocket knife to get her free and the bike moving again.

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I hit a ballon on the trail in Banff and it went into my rotor, it took two revolutions of the wheel before the ballon caused it to sieze. Had to rmove the wheel and dig out the melted rubber. Lucky I was going up hill and not down.


Back in the day a good friend was riding back down from Johnson lake post swim with her towel on her head when it slipped off and went into her front wheel, it tooks months for the road rash to heal.

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Wasn't there?

An Italian actress who died a ong time ago when her scarf caught in te rear wheel of a convertible?


On my side of things, I'm feeling sort of stupid as I have been skiing/cycling for 50+ years and should know better than to have loose stuff hanging out!!!!

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Riding again... finally

Hope to back participating in the daily Bow 500 between Edworthy and DT by this time next week after being laid off end-Sept and now starting a new role.  Funny thing is it's the exact same building (but different company) so I already know the bike parking/access tricks and how to work the gym. 


Had to put some TLC into the commuter after it sat in the garage the last few months - weird thing is BOTH my disc brakes squeel like banshees.  I've taken the pads out, buffed and used alcohol on the pads, alcohol wipes on the discs, and still they're noisy.  Enough of the pads left so should be fine.  At least I had some spare pads in the garage drawer.  Being "thrifty" I hate to prematurely dispose of something, even if it's not working to OEM.  Any ideas?


Also will be interesting to see how or if the cold affects my mostly-healed femur that I bust in the Spring.

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I'll bet they call you crazy.

I'll bet they call you crazy.  

It's great to see you've recovered, and inspring to hear about your return to commuting, mid-winter, after a break like that. It speaks volumes.

As for shrieking discs, I've got nothing to add. My fatty shrieks, but only when cold -5 ish and lower.  I'm stumped too.


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Unfortunately the disc brake squealling seems to be a combination of cold air and the chemical they use on the roads. The only thing I've found that helps is pumping my brakes every so often in clean snow to try and help wash the grit away before I need to actually use my brakes. Usually I just leave them to howl as they please though, knowing it'll go away soon enough.  Sometimes it's even useful when it's not extreme - don't have to use my bike bell! 

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Squeely bad

In my ~15 years of year-round commuting I've been through a few brakes and pads, however have never experienced this howling.  And I've been on these Shimano Deores now for about 3-4 years through all the nastiest snirt, salt, etc without ever servicing except regular pad changes.  I'm not sure what's changed.  I've put up with the howling for a few weeks and some hard braking but it's not going away.  I honestly really hate noisy and/or poor-functioning bike parts - be in creaking BB, seatpost, even creaky handlebars, headset, discs, or even pedals.  I never thought of myself as OCB about these things... until now when I wrote that!  ha!  That said I hardly clean my bike even... hmmmmmm  

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Welcome back to two wheels! Try not to overdo it, watch out for motorized things (especially if bigger/heavier than you) and enjoy!!

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Not the first rodeo

Thanks all!!

I actually was already biking... from Edworthy into DT from Aug-Sept (until layoff) and then with the beautiful fall weather worked up to 60km road rides in December.  Plus started XC skiing again recently (managed 13km yesterday, and paying for it today!!).  Call me stubborn or stupid or a sucker for punishment but I'm a firm believer in pro/active recovery for almost all injuries, and I've had a few.  Ditto for my medical "team" (except my idiot-savant Orthopaedic surgeon) who are all encouraging and are suprised at my recovery.  So for the bike related stuff I'll be sticking to the MUPs for this winter (ie no riding from home) or until March'ish so-as to avoid big heavy moving things.  I can't afford a fall, both physically or economically.

With respect to big injuries, I need to emphasize that taking recovery into your own hands and being religious about it is critical.  It's not just a 1x week thing at your physio.  It's 4-5x week be it swimming, stationary bikes, stretching, strengthening, chiro, osteopath, massage, physio, acupuncture, etc...  It helps having benefits but those get spent quickly. 

See some of my previous posts regarding recovery from this femur thang...