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Winter Bike to Work Day

Valentine's Day is Winter Bike to Work Day across North America. Commit and register at

For details on what'shappenign in Calgary, go to


Friday, February 14, 2014 (All day)

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Winter 2014 Bike to Work Day

That's great!  So what types of activities are currently slated? 

I nominate a local bike shop offering fat bike testing in the snow for cyclists who've never tried a fat bike with studded tires or curious pedestrians/car drivers. (Will they leave their heated cars?  That's the challenge!)

I'm asking 'cause we were planning to leave town in afternoon to go to B.C.  So if there are some morning events or a lead up of activities...? 

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What is the course that the race will be run on?  I put that in calendar as a good race to watch and a chance to demo, as well.

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'Dat sb


I often have that typing error quite often, too.  I like the photo session scheduled for Winterpalooza & will certainly stop there - I'm sure I'll see a few people I know.  I hope that some TV cameras are there so that the rest of the city population can see that there really are people who use the infrastructure all year 'round (and some of them might even quit complaining!).


OOPS I think I just posted th first gripe of the year for this site!


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Are we that unlovable?

I know some people don't like bikes, but is having "Winter bike to work day" on Valentine's day a tacit admission that the only people who would bike in the winter have nothign better to do on Valentine's Day?

I am curious why it would be chosen to coincide with a well known holiday that has people wanting to look their best, and stop to buy flowers on the way home, both of which are more difficult to do in winter on a bike.

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Everybody loves a Hero

So, if you don't want to ride that day, be a volunteer for the event.  That way, you have an excuse to drive, and you can pick up the flowers on the way home.

Or plan B - Ride and take your wife/girlfriend out for dinner.  If you reserve on OpenTable, you can arrange to have flowers delivered right to your table.  Either way, you're a hero.