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Commuting on a folding bike

I was given a 1974 Raleigh 20" folding bike and brought it back from the dead. Today I rode it to work for the first time. It was fun! I may even do it again some time. Here's one of the big benefits of a folding bike: in the washroom with my folding bike Yep, when you go to the washroom you can relax, not having to worry whether your bike is being stolen while you pee. With a folder, you can just bring it in with you and keep it always within eyesight! Folding bikes have a confidence-inspiring feel because their frames are low - you can usually put both your feet flat on the ground while sitting on the seat. And the upright riding style means you have good visibility of what's around you. The short wheelbase and small wheels give them quite rapid response, yielding a lively feel. By the same token, the small wheels can give you a somewhat rougher ride, though this is easily offset by a seat suspension system. Cheap models can also be quite heavy, but if decide you like them you can always upgrade to a light, expensive aluminum version.
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City to spend money on pathway system

The City says it will spend $12 million on pathway improvements, notably on filling in missing links in the pathway system.

The Land & Asset Strategy Committee met on Tuesday and made this recommendation, approving in total $112 million in community infrastructure projects over the next 10 years. The plan needs final approval from Council next month.

More details will be posted once I can figure out how to find the minutes on the vast and byzantine City website. Try to use their search engine to find anything and you'll soon be as frustrated as I was.

While this $12 million is a welcome investment in the pathway system, it is of only limited use to bicycle commuters since 2/3 of pathway users are not cyclists. Cyclists needs bicycle-specific infrastructure investments. It's also unclear over what period the $12 million will be spent. If it's over the same 10-year as the other projects included in the $112 million figure, then we won't see much visible progress in the next year.