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85th street and Country Hills

Country Hills Blvd is pretty much the only good way to get out of the
city towards Bearspaw, at least westbound from Nose Hill and then
up 85th street (past the jail).

85th street has no shoulders, but judging from the abuse it's taking
from the industrial traffic recently, it will be repaved soon. Talk to
your Alderman and suggest that adding shoulders would be a Great Idea.


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Judging from recent Transportation committee minutes on the calgary.ca website, Shaganappi is going to be redeveloped/widened up to country hills boulevard. As part of this, it would be a good idea to make the shoulders on the bit between John Laurie and the top of the hill exist.


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Portland wins Best Bicycling City award

Bicycling magazine says that Portland, Oregon, is the best bicycling city in 2005. Way back in 1988, Calgary won that award. But Portland hasn't stood still, and has created a host of innovative programs, such as (to name just two) special areas at traffic lights for bikes, and bike-activated traffic lights. They've also tripled (!!) the number of cyclists in the past ten years. You can read the full story on the bikeportland.org website.

By way of comparison, Portland has about 600,000 inhabitants versus Calgary's 950,000.