Silver Springs bus trap

There used to be a bus trap linking Silver Springs to the road which
feeds onto 52nd street. It has since been closed, which involved
filling in the bus trap itself and putting giant cement barricades
(or a locked gate; I've seen both) in the middle of the road. The
barricades would be great if a bike-sized space was left between them,
but unfortunately this didn't happen. I included this in a suggestion I sent to the City, but they basically ignore this issue.

The cycle path which side-steps the bus trap is usually pretty gravel-

Sarcee bus trap

The bus trap which used to exist under Sarcee Trail north of Crowchild was a very useful way for NW riders to get east into Dalhousie from Ranchlands, or west out of the city via Nose Hill, Country Hills, etcetera areas.

It is now a radio-controlled gate. I emailed the City about this, and they told me it is "impossible" and dangerous for people to use the bus traps in the way I described and that it is now safer, since you have to hop the only sidewalk there (which is pretty busy during rush hour).

I have the details of the email exchange here.

Hall of shame

This is a place to document locations in the city that wouldn't exist in an ideal world. Describe the exact location, and what's wrong with it. Attach a picture if you can!

If we all work together we can identify and draw attention to the worst locations in the city for cyclists, and hopefully get them resolved.

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Commuter Group makes recommendations to City

The group of commuter cyclists that has been meeting over the past few months (see article further below) has put together and submitted to the City its recommendations for work on bike routes. Several new routes were proposed, while improvements on others have been suggested. You can read the full report in PDF version: Bike Group Report 2006.pdf.