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Commuter Group makes recommendations to City

The group of commuter cyclists that has been meeting over the past few months (see article further below) has put together and submitted to the City its recommendations for work on bike routes. Several new routes were proposed, while improvements on others have been suggested. You can read the full report in PDF version: Bike Group Report 2006.pdf.
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Calgary Commuter Cyclists Get Into High Gear

A recently formed group of on-road cyclists, representing several credible local organizations and active commuters with a keen interest in seeing Calgary move forward in on-street commuter cycling, has been established. This group was formed primarily to see what improvements, if any, could be made to provide safe and effective bicycling routes in the city.
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First post!

First post in my personal bikecalgary.org blog! I'll use this spot to discuss some of the plans for bikecalgary.org, and also share some personal bike commuting stories from time to time. I'll have lots to write about, since I plan to ride every single day of 2006. (last year I didn't miss one day of commuting to work throughout the winter, but this year I want to ensure I don't miss any of the weekends either - so I bought a folding bike to always keep with me).