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Northmount Drive Improvements

The City of Calgary is planning to re-pave Northmount Drive, and they are considering what sort of pedestrian and cycling improvements should be included.

We are asking all Bike Calgary members interested in this topic (whether you are a resident or a periodic user of the area) to let the Triwood Community Association and the ward Councillor know that you'd like cycling lanes included in the re-paving work.

You can contact them at:

We encourage you to tell them how you are personally connected to the community and to the project - let them know why this matters to you.

As Bike Calgary, we bring forward these items:

  • Benefits of this particular development include:
    • Safety - cyclists already use Northmount Drive and well-designed bike infrastructure makes it safer for cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians; it makes the behaviour of each more predictable
    • This route will connect with existing bike lanes on 10th Street NW and Northland Drive NW
    • This work is an ideal time to upgrade to up-to-date cycling infrastructure standards with minimal costs
  • Encouraging more cycling in the City of Calgary has many benefits, including:
    • Safer riding options for all riders, including children and families
    • Reduced traffic congestion
    • Environmental improvements
    • Tax benefits from reduced costs associated with road construction and maintenance for motor vehicles
    • Personal health benefits
    • Improved sense of community