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Pathway Detours - West Eau Claire (05-Sep to End 2017)

The City of Calgary is establishing pathway detours for Phase 2 of construction through the Eau Claire area as part of West Eau Claire Park ( starting Tuesday, September 5th and going to the end of the year. The City is asking that, ‘given the limited space for travel and the high volumes of people walking through the area, people cycling use alternate routes around the construction site’. Suggested detours are outlined on the map below;

While Bike Calgary understands that these necessary enhancements, aimed at improving the pathway corridor for all users and bolstering flood resilience, may cause some inconvenience for pathway users in the near-term, we are also concerned that restricting cycling access from the south side Bow River Pathway for the duration of the work may substantially impact Calgarians travelling by bike that do not feel safe riding on the roadway (irrespective of traffic conditions), as well as negatively impact travel during winter for those that judge the roadway detour unsafe or impractical for riding due to snow and ice.

Based on the feedback we receive, Bike Calgary will continue to engage with City staff, with the goal of maintaining safe and comfortable cycling access to the necessary corridors and destinations in this area.

To help in gauging the impact of the detours we encourage our members to provide their feedback via this forum and, if the restrictions are adversely affecting your travel, to also contact the City directly via 3-1-1 or through the area Councillor’s office (work is taking place in Ward 7, so email and is adjacent to Ward 8,



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"pedestrian detour"

I don't know what's wrong with using the pedestrian detour immediately south of the construction.  

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No room?

I would guess given the typical volumes of people walking there that there wouldn't be room to actually ride your bike. But if it's early in the morning and not that busy it would probably be fine.

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Human rights abuse against certain kinds of ebikes/handicapped?

This law unfairly targets ebikes and specifically the handicapped who may have limitations pedalling bicycles.

We need to fight this anticycling abuse. Both throttle controlled and torque sensing ebikes can provide power without pedalling. They operate with the same speed limitations and power requirements.

Was this law a closed room legislation aimed at controlling the ebike market and as a means to launch more human rights abuses?


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No, I don't think this a human rights abuse. I believe it was meant to keep things like those electric mopeds that have pedals (but were never really designed to be pedalled) off the pathways. I support this.


Also, motorized wheelchairs and other "wheeled conveyances" used by people with mobility challenges are permitted on pathways.

Out of curiosity, do you have an e-bike with a throttle?

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Mopeds on the paths

I have actually seen one woman driving her moped down the bike path between Edworthy and Downtown. I tried explaing to her that they weren't allowed, she disagreed.

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West Eau Claire - Peace Bridge Friday Daytime Closures

As per the City of Calgary (

The Peace Bridge will be closed during:

  • Friday, October 20 from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Friday, October 27 from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Friday, November 3 from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The bridge needs to be closed to make pedestrian improvements to West Eau Claire Park. Access across the Bow River will be available via Prince’s Island pedestrian bridge or the LRT bridge underpass (10th Street).

Detours remain for cyclists and pedestrians travelling through the area, please see the map below. 

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Any idea if they will be

Any idea if they will be opening the short section from the Peace Bridge to the cycle track any time soon?  The current detour is going to be super sketchy when we get snow and ice.

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No idea

I'll see if I can find anything out.

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Do you mean this short section right here?,-114.0784199,3a,75y,0.83h,70.33t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sF7Wh5wWDboi0Gogv8Dv1sg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

It was already open on my way home from work this Friday. I've been entering here and hanging a left for the entirety of the detour. Some pedestrians were walking from the Peace Bridge towards this exit on Friday however as they'd moved the fencing to reveal the new path. 


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Nice, thanks!  I always turn

Nice, thanks!  I always turn left on 3rd st and have been taking the LRT bridge, but the Peace Bridge route is faster for me.

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need some clarification

So the path that leads directly from the Peace Bridge to the 7th St. track is now completely open?  Or is it just the really short segment that connects the track and the main Bow River pathway (which has always been open)?

I too like to take the Peace Bridge in the mornings but have hated the round-about detour they had where you had to ride on the pedestrian path closest to the river.


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Open...but gravel

It is open, but the portion right near the Peace Bridge is gravel. It's also pretty tight with the fencing so best if we all go slow and be very respectful of pedestrians and fellow cyclists, lest the City change the area to a dismount required area. I'd prefer to ride slow than walk! 


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Yes, it all looks to be short

Yes, it all looks to be short term though.  It's nice to have it back!  Unfortunatly I found the route I was happy to be back on, North on 7th, then over to 10thst is blocked by construction further down!  Sigh.  Should only be a week though.

It's my first time looking at that area, they sure put a lot of concrete in.  I hope the path is high enough up it isn't victim to continuous melt and freeze of all the snow running down from that concrete.