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Quarry Trail

My recollection is that Quarry Trail used to get plowed (at least sometimes) before the latest renovation. Am I misremembering?

In any case, it's currently *great* for fat-biking. Looks like it would be "engaging" on a CX bike...hasn't been plowed yet this winter as far as I can tell.


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Not that i recall

I don't recall QT ever being plowed in the 15+ years that I've been cycle commuting. Often it gets beaten down into a rough track that can loosen molars, and later in the winter turns into a glacier with all the packing. The last few years I have (in the winter) detoured onto 12 Ave SW at 33 St, linking up with 24 St SW, then rejoining the river pathway at the Railway crossing below Shag.

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Okay, thanks! I definitely rode it a lot a bunch of years ago on CX, but couldn't recall if it was plowed or just got packed down a lot ;)