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Question For Riders Who Have Bad Shoulders

I recently had bilateral rotator cuff tears (not cycling related) and I have had surgery on one and will require surgery on the second one to get all fixed up. I currently don't own a bicycle. I plan on returning to riding once I am all healed and pain free (this could take up to a year after my second surgery). 

My concern is most bicycles are a design that puts the body in a forward leaning position with much weight on the arms and shoulders. I want to avoid this. 

I want to purchase a bicycle that is a more upright riding position in order to take pressure off my arms and shoulders. I just do neighborhood riding, errands and bicycle path riding. I want a bike I can climb hilly terrain with because I live in the N.W. and it is hilly here. I also enjoy doing day long rides on the pathway that take me to the other end of town and back. 

I was thinking about the Electra Townie brand of bicycle. What do you think? Are there other options? I don't want to spend more than $1000.