Research Task Force

Mission Statement: Gather and compile information on bicycle-related research, data, trends, etc. for use in infrastructure evaluation, promotion of cycling, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Collect, maintain, and interpret statistics, etc. related to cycling in Calgary

  • Research, understand and translate into local situations, guidance on cycling best-practice for infrastructure (NACTO, TAC, etc.), promotion, etc.

  • Research, understand and translate into local situations, information identifying the socio-economic (health, financial, environment, etc.) benefits of cycling

  • Monitor for and research (i.e. media, web-postings, dialogue with cycling groups or administrative bodies) projects of comparable scope and objective as local projects

  • Build and maintain information archive;

    • cycling infrastructure guides (NACTO, TAC, etc.)

    • cycling studies (health, economic, etc. benefits, & other)

    • useful websites


  • Develop a Wiki

  • Archive relevant information (Google Drive) for Society use