Calgary Cycling Resources

Find out what you want to know about cycling in Calgary.

  • Getting Started with Cycling
    Interested in taking up cycling for commuting, transportation, or just cycling in town for fun? Start here.
  • Cycling Safety and the Law
    What you need to know about local rules and regulations governing bicycles, and tips for safe riding.
  • Pathways, Routes, and Maps
    Calgary has many kilometres of pathways and designated bike routes. Here's where they are.
  • Bike Parking
    Where to park your bike.
  • Bike Theft
    How to lock your bike properly, how to prevent theft and what to do when a bike is stolen.
  • Bikes on Transit
    Sometimes you want to take your bike on the bus or the C-Train. Here's what you need to know.
  • Riding in Various types of Weather
    • Winter Riding
      Cycling during the winter months poses its own challenges, but it can be done even in Calgary.
    • Rain
  • Local Bike Shops, Mechanics, and Rentals
    Where to get new and used bikes, parts, apparel, and accessories. Where to get your bike built, serviced and tuned. Where to rent bicycles in Calgary.
  • Other Bike Organizations
    Other organizations involved with cycling.
  • Reading Room
    Bike blogs, safety research, transportation infrastructure planning, etc.
  • Glossary of terms