Spark Your Power! Bike Style


Join SPARK, Alberta’s first 100% member-owned retail power co-operative focused on green energy, and allow them to donate your administration fee back to Bike Calgary. For every Bike Calgary member that joins SPARK, we will receive $1.50 per month, which will be will put to good use furthering our mission and funding our and projects. There is no extra charge to you! Support green energy, support your community, support Bike Calgary!

Who is SPARK?

SPARK is Alberta’s first 100% member-owned retail power co-operative focused on renewable and green energy reinvestment. It was an idea born from the aftermath of the great Albertan power deregulation experiment, fathered by a clear gap in the retail power choices available to Albertans, with few taking a serious look at green energy options – until now. At SPARK, they believe that more can be achieved if we work together to take the role of power retailing into our own hands and start moving the needle on how Alberta produces and consumes its power. 


You are paying for your power bill on a monthly basis anyhow. By joining SPARK, you will not only enjoy some of the most competitive electricity rates in the province but you will also be supporting Bike Calgary through their Revenue Share program! Furthermore, SPARK has made a commitment to reinvest 70% of their yearly profits into local renewable energy projects and to support GHG reductions. Since SPARK is a member-owned cooperative, you can be an owner in the business and be entitled to a piece of their annual profits. If you like getting paid for doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to love being a member-owner of SPARK!

How do I switch to SPARK?

Switching is easy, and SPARK customers have the added bonus of cheaper electricity rates while supporting green energy in Alberta. If you want to ‘switch-off’ and ‘move over’ to SPARK, their staff will coordinate all the paperwork on your behalf with no exit or cancellation fees and with the assurance that your power will continue to be provided with no interruption. 

To make the switch:

1. Visit

2. Fill out the registration form that appears on the page - You will need to fill in your site ID number which can be found on your latest electric bill.

3. In the “Referred By” box, type BCRS to donate $1.50 from your monthly SPARK administration fee to Bike Calgary

4. You should receive a confirmation within 2 – 5 working days

That’s it! It just takes 5 minutes to make the switch!

For more information on SPARK and their attractive rate plans, please visit: