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Support for a National Cycling Strategy (Bill C-312)

Bike Calgary is asking our members to support the private Member’s bill C-312 in Parliament, which will establish a National Cycling Strategy for Canada.

We would like you to send a letter to Hon Gord Johns (who put the bill forward) in support of the bill and also call or write your local Member of Parliament and ask them to support the bill. We've even put together a template letter you can use! And in case you don't have a few extra dimes in your pocket (or can't even remember where to go to get a stamp anymore), remember that letter to MPs don't need postage! 

This link is for a draft letter with highlighted areas in which you will have to make changes: 


Cycling is a sustainable solution to many of the challenges Canada is facing, such as rising healthcare costs, gridlock and reducing GHG emissions. Riding a bike is low cost, eliminates pollution, and encourages healthy living. Many cycling advocates have endorsed my bill and agree with me that we need to do more to make Canada a cycling nation!


And if you don't know your federal riding name or MP, this link should help: