Bike Calgary Public Engagement Values

Bike Calgary works towards making Calgary a bicycle friendly city. Ongoing  advocacy on bicycle policies, projects, and proposals involves interaction with multiple groups, including, but not limited to, elected officials, administrative bodies, consultants, community groups, the media and the public at large.  In all such interactions, Bike Calgary, through its directors, officers and volunteers, will aim to foster a climate of constructive cooperation, in order to effect changes to policy and the built environment that maximize the safety and convenience of cycling for all Calgarians, even if they do not currently self-identify as cyclists but would like to cycle more often, and regardless of age, ability, income, etc.  

To this end, Bike Calgary will:

  • Expect any group or individual acting on behalf of the organization to convey the consensus opinion of Bike Calgary to the best of their abilities. In the event where it is not possible to express the consensus opinion, it should be specified that individual opinion is being stated.

  • Stress the positive contribution better transportation options and increased cycling mode-share make to the well-being of Calgarians, while also being mindful of the costs of cycling improvements and their impact on other travel modes.

  • Endeavor to solicit feedback on issues of interest from as wide and representative a sample of the cycling community, including our network of affiliated bicycle organizations.

  • As possible and where appropriate, identify and dialogue with relevant external stakeholders in a similar manner, insofar as project deadlines and volunteer resources allow, but recognize that similar limitations to broad engagement may constrain other organizations engaged in shared initiatives.

  • Share with our members the results of any research, surveys or reports, as deemed suitable by the Board of Directors, via the Bike Calgary website or other appropriate means, as well as communicate the results of engagement meetings to our members in a timely manner, while respecting media embargoes and requests for confidentiality.

  • Engage with administrative bodies and elected officials to achieve results that reflect the needs of Calgarians who ride (or would like to ride) bicycles as well as the priority ranking of cycling within civic (or other) planning documents or policies such as the 2009 Calgary Transportation Plan and Imagine Calgary;

  • Attempt to affect positive change to policies, projects and proposals through respectful and factual discourse, directly with involved stakeholders, and only actively air concerns publicly if no amicable solution can be found.

  • Take into account professional expertise, our members' local and personal travel experiences, examples and experience from other municipalities on similar issues, and the relevant research literature.